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HAVE + – An Interactive Service !

Have + – For Immediate Release HAVE + launches interactive service unique and innovative DIRECTED PROFESSIONAL CAMERAMAN FOR YOUR CHAIR! In a great idea, the company director HAVE + has an ideal service practice decision support. The CAMERA SMART MOBILE multimedia device is a must for professionals and individuals who must travel to watch, observe, follow a plan, a monitoring site, visiting a housing project, an unmissable event, a finding so many ‘events …. Freed of the constraints associated with travel (cost, time) and distance customers HAVE + viewing from France or abroad, live on their computer, what the professional cameraman films based on the designated place in France by the Customer. Unusual, shooting is conducted online, which allows the sponsor to fully master the realizationgiving instructions for framing, zooming, moving, etc., directly to the camera. Simultaneously, the images it receives on his computer correspond exactly to what he could see with his own eyes he was there. The use of technologically simple and lightweight allows great flexibility of implementation at reasonable cost, up to several times less expensive than a simple displacement. About the author: Benoist DARGENT director and creator of the concept SARL HAVE + Web: mail: / j.miallion @ – Fixed: 01 39 14 15 98 / mob 06 10 29 32 00 – 06 88 21 47 06

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