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Grandson of the

Grandson of the lawyer and former mayor of Madrid Alberto Alcocer and Ribacoba and son of an agent of change and exchange, study in the Bachelor of El Pilar College and graduated in law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In 1969 he married in separation of property with Esther Koplowitz. After that, the cousins began working at the company Construcciones y Contratas, who had founded the father of two, killed in accident in 1962.
In 1976, Alberto Alcocer was already chief executive, achieving near-Cortina-transform a company that billed at about 1,000 million pesetas a year, a group of over 30 companies with a turnover of close to 300,000 million pesetas.
Business driven by this company along with Cortina Alcocer, who were pioneers of diversifying into other construction sectors, is multiplied by 18 years more than 660 times, despite the great difficulty experienced by the Spanish economy between 1973 and 1985, bringing the value of Coycon from 450 million in 1972 to more than 300,000 million pesetas. A company that billed when they arrived at about 1,000 million pesetas per year turned into a diversified group of over 30 companies with a turnover of close to 300,000 million pesetas.
In 1978 he purchased the 5 of Banco de Fomento, a member of the Central Bank and three years later, the cousins purchased some shares in the company Valderrivas Portland cement, which was owned by Banesto. Becomes 12 of the company and Alfonso Cortina, Alberto’s brother was named company president. In 1982, again with Cortina acquires Banco Zaragozano in 1987 and was introduced to media through the group structure.
A year later, close to KIO Group (of Kuwait), which sell the majority of control of the company Urbanor a 12 change that the group was in the Kuwaiti Central Bank (operation caused the dramatic revaluation of the shares of Urbanor), the company created central bank, which was named president in 1989. Also that same year he was appointed President of Construction and Contract. However, submitted his resignation on February 5, 1990, after a marital crisis.
After their marriage and separation through an appropriate agreement, we reserve 30 of Banco Zaragozano, 10 of the Corporacion Financiera Reunida (COFIR), 5 of Canal Plus and 100 of the company Uniseguros. In June of that year, again with his cousin, was appointed adviser to the Bank and both are Zaragozano Portfolio Zaragozano society. Seven years after reaching two co-chairs of the bank, with 38.5 of the shares.
But in 2003 both were forced to sell its stake in the Bank’s control Zaragozano to Barclays because one of its partners in Urbanor, the architect Peter Sentieri, a multimillionaire who had made them claim for fraud, giving rise to the case Urbanor. In 2000 were acquitted by the Provincial Court of Madrid in 2003, when reviewing the sentence and change its jurisprudence, the Supreme Court sentenced them to three years and four months in prison for separate crimes of fraud and misrepresentation in commercial paper a sale in 1987 of the land on which the towers were built KIO. The sentence was under appeal before the Constitutional Court for violating judicial effectively Alcocer and Cortina, in June and so did the Supreme Court, granting the right to recover 50 million euros paid to its former partners as compensation, as well as interest earned in ten years.
In mid 2008, Alberto Alcocer holds, along with his cousin Cortina, 13 of group activities and Construction Services (ACS), as well as 21 of the industrial society ENCE.
Weeks after the acquittal of the case Urbanor, Forbes magazine included Alberto Cortina among the largest fortunes in the World 1000, where he appears alongside his exmujer Alicia Koplowitz, which has three children, his ex Slstsr.ln Esther, and this Exmar Alberto de Alcocer.
Nowadays, the media have begun to rectify the charge left Alcocer and Cortina without several of their fundamental rights. But despite that Justice has closed a definitive case Urbanor its whistleblowers, the architect Peter Sentieri, who then join the family of Saint Martin in July, from complaints to complainants, continue to advocate for legal action against them not restore the 50 million who had to pay twice for the then ruling overturned.

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