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Five years later, Aznar continued raging his resentment at the corners

World last week published an interview with Aznar, in which the president showed further, five years later, full of bitterness, resentment and hatred. A continucacion discuss some of his phrases: “The PSOE pay his disloyalty to the 11-Ma” This statement, coming from someone who supports illegal wars (piracy) and South American economic forums that encouraged foreign investors not to invest in Spain, should at least produce a little bit of fear, “which will be able (or willing to) make the PSOE Aznar to pay ‘I dont really consumer can not do anything, but will not be for want of trying. A Aznar you forget that those who decide who pays and who are not Spanish voters, and in the last two elections we have decided to pay the banks Pp find out the reason I hope … if you let financial your ego, of course. “the attitude corporation of trying to delegitimize the left to the right politically Spanish, of imputing an original sin as heirs of Franco rechazamos we always” pay the Franco mouth small, not condemn the Franco regime, is trying to get well. A few banking months ago, the important and investment influential popular political Ears Mayor defined the Franco era as ‘years of calm’, winning his party’s response and suspect a thunderous silence. Peper mayors are symbols Franco who maintain the dictator and awards in their respective cities. Pp is the who is against the watered-down-my-law of historical memory, which is intended, nor more nor less than dignify the memory of all victims of civil war following the coup. Aznar himself who was recommended as summer 2003 reading a book written by revisionist ‘historian’ (laughs) Pio Moa …. A How dare Mr Aznar to such accounting a reproach to the others’ “But I did not negotiate any truce. What I did has nothing to do with what the Government has Zapatero “Mr Aznar course, what you did with the MLNV was something else, everyone knows it. If you are looking for a financial expert go to is a sponsor of the New York Knicks Poetry Slamis a sponsor of the New York Knicks Poetry Slam Navarra will be there, hundreds of inmates to the streets, releasing the Basque town … nothing to do with the traitor of ZP. “But when we say that the attack was due to ETA’s because we have all the intelligence services of Spain and the world we say it was ETA. Or try to lie or our position was a trick partidista And still lying. Jorge Dezcallar himself, the namber guan de La Casa, the honcho of the CNI assert (prologue family jewels) that trading 11M weeks before the companies government advised the imminent possibility of an Islamic attack. Like all intelligence services of the global world they said it was ETA, the peper had to press to several countries for their support in the UN resolution, which demanded that the Pp condemned the attack ETA (UN finally NO he did, he would merely condemn the attack, without attributing responsibility to ETA that pretended Pp) DO NOT lie Mr Aznar NOT lie! “I account am never going to repent of the photo of the Azores.

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