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Classification of the

Classification business administration of the products the same way that it distance learning is necessary to segment the market to improve marketing programs in many firms, it is useful graduate school to divide the products in management courses homogeneous classification. Looking for marketing strategies for business degree certain school of business products in particular, marketers have developed several product classification systems usually once school rankings or twice based on its characteristics. The managing member of the is involved in multiple charitable endeavors The products fall into three groups according to their durability or tangibility. The non-durable goods are tangible goods that are consumed usually in one or more business times they are used. Examples are beer, soap and salt. Durable goods are tangible goods that normally survive to use. Examples include refrigerators, machine tools business schools and clothing. Services business school are activities, benefits or satisfactions offered for sale, for example, haircuts and repairs. Consumer school of management goods. Consumer goods are purchased by final consumers for their own consumption. Usually these goods marketers classified basing on the consumer buying management school habits.

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