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I note one feature: As a rule, the usual advertising appears solely in professional and advertising publications. Placing it in the business and socio-political press is impractical. In the case when your goal – just a quick increased sales, then you should choose the latter type of press. If, in addition, there are other goals, the more appropriate specialized publications. Feature of image advertising is that it can also be placed and in the business, and in the political press. Thus, it will affect a wider audience.

An example is the campaign of the company ENI – manufacturer of equipment for oil and gas e, which has been presented in publications such as 'Bulletin', etc. It is important to clearly understand their own goals and on this basis, choose the publication (based on their target audiences) to help you reach them. 6. Joint actions with press First, such actions can be carried out in the form of an information sponsor of your project so that there are many examples. In this edition of agreement on such cooperation will depend on your target audience project and the degree of 'raskruchennosti' newspaper or magazine.

Second, you can hold a joint event for readers, providing the prizes. In addition, there are options for a joint exercise on an equal (when self publisher acquires the status of the organizer). There are other models of cooperation. Proper selection and assessment of stocks can use these forms of work not only with specialized, as well as with business and social and political publications. So, this article gives a brief overview of the main forms of interaction with the media for companies operating in the area of b-to-b. I hope this information helps you to efficiently organize their work. Of course, do not forget that a complex combination of different elements will quickly reach their goals. Finally let me give a little advice. If you want to make your communication with the media efficient (ie, achieve the maximum possible effect at minimum cost), use simple technology that works particularly well in the segment rabotaaet b-to-b. What is its essence? Be found in the field all to the most current and popular today, and to link it with their communications strategy. If you can establish a good bond between your company and its information and sends this urgent public discourse, then, after some time, this theme will work for your company. Here is an example. Suppose you are producing equipment for road construction and reconstruction of roads theme for today is one of the most urgent. If you can present your company and products as the optimal solution of the problems of reconstruction of roads and the proposed solution you will be able to write competently in this problem field, then Some time will be stable logical connective 'road reconstruction – A company's products. " Then every time when referring to this subject will come to mind your business. The main thing – to do everything very competently, it is important that all of your communications and actions worked to maintain this strategy, then you and your company will succeed.

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