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Domestic Economy

This characteristic of private consumption clears an incognito of all productive activity as he is " colocacin" of the production. The mini process of commercialization even requires some complexity that increases with the search of ampler markets. Our experience, is that great " neck of botella" of small and the medians it trains, are the systems of commercialization and trade. During long time we have listened to official exhortations the production for the export. And we can assure that an operation of foreign trade is extremely complex. Meaning that to export (or to import) requires a complex structure of commercialization, besides volumes of production and quality control. On the other hand, if it is difficult to conquer a local or internal market, more it is to enter, it an external market.

But we leave to the foreign trade or the interior of great volumes for the production structures and commercialization, are that them and very apt in the country. We remember, by the expressed thing precedingly that many people, will not have at least at the moment labor insertion in those structures or they have perhaps it partially. It is in this expanded scope, where the concept of Domestic Economy acquires value. Because all do not have because to have read our works on individual, is worth to remember that such concept includes/understands activities such as: the familiar kitchen garden, the domestic animal young, the bread elaboration and you graze, the candy elaboration, conserves and inlays. The preparation, I mend and mended of clothes and footwear, and activities like the puericultura and prevention of the health. To promote the benefits of the Domestic Economy, implies systematic, asystematic and parasistematicas actions of the educative system and mass media. Favorable extremely turns out to know that in the Argentine atmosphere, there are public and private initiatives, oriented in the sense that we caused here.