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Divine Endowment

Looking back on the path traveled from Eden is easy to see that language is, was and will be a permanent player in history. The book of Genesis for his inexhaustible surprises to provoke in us the highest gratitude and admiration, while the irresistible stimulus for deeper reflections of faith. In a few verses we find many expressions of the ineffable divine intelligence, coupled with irrefutable evidence of its love. One of them is unquestionably the language. A simple observation suffices to find in language the expertise of our architect divine. The Biblical story tells both the physical origin of man as the first linguistic manifestation of its history. The following pages attempt to show the relevance of language in the acquisition, retention and transfer of essential elements for the construction of our essence as Christians and characterization of the identity of our church. First we will do some brief glimpses into the language, using the biblical data as the basis of the first book of sacred.

Then turn our greater attention to language functions in two dimensions: The biblical text, Teaching. Matchless Divine Endowment. It's simple, clear and direct that man comes into existence Eden with complete and perfect suitability for linguistic activity, together with other physical and mental faculties, our first parents open their eyes and begin their experience as a human with a perfect command of the ability for all uses of the gift they receive for creation. The initial partners of the human family shows to come into existence by an adequate articulation phonetic, syntactic structures, vocabulary, the semantic implications of statements and the social use of language.

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