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Repair. 90 thousand again refused. (So I go without heating) Mileage 60 thousand kilometers – The failure of the thermostat, plugs above the expansion tank and, consequently, the destruction of the expansion tank (a network of cracks and flow). Replacement – 1 month waiting Mileage 60 thousand kilometers – Corrosion on the exterior chrome door handles (100 thousand to half of the chromium got off) It's a shame to put the car in public car parks – on the arms of 'green rags. " Mileage 70 thousand kilometers – An intensive corrosion mount levers wipers. (Shabby polymer coating and rust has started) Mileage 90 thousand kilometers – Leakage in the right headlight.

Replacement. trouble abruptly Mileage 100 thousand miles, the warranty is over (Here for more details) At full speed 100 km / hour breaks bracket tensioner timing belt (manufacturer's marriage), so it breaks the engine (pistons and valves are found and further can imagine that happening). After the diagnosis of SRT on the street. Usenko, 8 engineer warranty agrees to a partial repair by the manufacturer. 1.5 months out and this car is on the move. Joy marred by strong control roaring engine. Again repairs (replaced balance shaft). Gul has become smaller, but the motion coasting with the clutch connected hum and vibration remained. Mileage 105 thousand miles – The car began to lose 'craving'. Multiple references in this regard to the service station Usenko AP: The third time (at my insistence) the master hit upon dismantled exhaust tract, the verdict – 'You hid the upper catalyst.

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