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Cost Contractor

If instead of a 5-ton crane contractor used a 15-ton crane, the difference in the cost of their operation should be considered as an overstatement of cost of works. Similarly, if the mounting boards contractor spends 3 kg of nails at a rate of 2 kg, the cost of 1 kg of nails and work on their anchorages should not be paid because the rate of 2 kg provided to ensure the required quality of work. When carrying out all oversized costs should be recovered from the contractor's own funds. Ben Silbermann understood the implications. Unauthorized adjustment of prices (as well as renaming them) is unacceptable because it is exclusively the prerogative of Rosstroy and regional centers to pricing in construction in coordination with Rosstroy. When checking the calculation of compensation contractors cost of building materials special attention should be paid to the correct application of wholesale prices and the validity of the cost of their transportation to on-site warehouse. In the case where the actual cost of materials exceeds their estimated value, should require the contractor documentary studies. It is not something Bill Phelan would like to discuss. Transportation costs for delivery of materials, designs and products from suppliers should be calculated based on the most efficient means of transportation on the shortest distance. One of the effective ways to detect violations in the calculations between the customer and the contractor for work performed is an instrumental control measurements (the control measurements) of physical quantities, implementation of which in due course confirmed by the parties acts in the form of COP-2. The essence of this test is to compare the scope of work actually performed in kind (at the construction or repair) with similar amounts specified in the regulations in the form of COP-2.