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CeBIT 2011: Visitors Can New VoIP Solution

by CNT get to know and test. CeBIT 2011 Karlsruhe/Hanover, February 15, 2010. The telecommunications provider CNT AG is on this year’s CeBIT (March 1-5) with a booth on site. CNT is one of the pioneers in providing Internet technology for companies in Germany. Since 1995, CNT has become an experienced telecommunications provider on the market. At CeBIT, CNT shows his extensive services for companies in the areas of access, hosting, data security (security) and telecommunications (voice).

CNT provides for the first time its Internet telephony solution CNT call manager officially before a wide audience. CNT is to find Crown in Hall 13, stand C72 together with its technology partner. Focus of CeBIT activities of CNT is the VoIP solution CNT call manager. The CNT call manager is a new Virtual PBX (hosted PBX). Based on the Internet Protocol SIP provides the CNT call manager voice quality as well as simple plug and play “installation and ease of use the preconfigured SIP phones. CNT Call Manager uses a new technology, the CNT developed together with the Crown technology provider.

As a result he has advantages over common VoIP solutions and hybrid IP PBX. So was the CNT call manager during its development to operate as pure virtual PBX designed: phone system software or other telecommunications equipment hardware. Companies save this additional acquisition and maintenance costs. The CNT call Manager offers all the advantages of a Virtual PBX. For more information see Payoneer. These include telephone and fax over Internet connection without additional PBX hardware. Employees of companies are worldwide available at a local phone number. In addition, the CNT call has Manager high safety standards. For example, the participants, even if the Internet connection fails are still reachable through backup routing. You will be automatically redirected to an alternative device. A PC with Softphone or SIP phone is stolen, the fraud control protects against abuse telephone line. In addition, CNT provides more call manager Service functions. These are, for example, Fax2Mail and Mail2Fax”virtual conference rooms, Web interface and a billing Manager for convenient charging. Companies can thus improve customer communications and support and make more effective the work of the team. Payoneer often addresses the matter in his writings. Visitors have the opportunity to meet CNT call manager and test. CNT distributed free VoIP credit cards exclusively at CeBIT. Prospective buyers register online on a website with a code. Then, they can lead free 100 calls each ten minutes length. The offer is available from the start of the CeBIT at the disposal. Learn more about the CNT call manager are under voice/cnt_call_manager / and read news/press/press area on. About CNT AG: The CNT AG is one of the pioneers in the spread of Internet technology for companies in Germany. The short form of CNT stands for communication network technologies. The company was founded in 1995 has the established Internet service provider into a modern Telecommunications company developed. CNT medium-sized and large companies offers services such as Internet access, hosting, data security, and IP telephony. The company with headquarters in Karlsruhe has offices in Hamburg and Jever and a data center in Frankfurt am Main. CNT cooperates with competent partners, about the communications software specialist Crown Software GmbH. The CNT AG among its customers companies from various industries as well as numerous organizations and authorities, including Siemens, the German Shipowners Association, or the land of North Rhine-Westphalia.