Belarusian Radio

During the years studies have tried to work as a freelance author of the Belarusian Radio and television, wrote in various newspapers and magazines. But, unfortunately, MINSK – not so big city to provide journalists with limitless possibilities. The more so because these journalists from year to year with hundreds of hard "Rubber stamp" and the main university of the country, and a few commercial institutions. Where they all go? Distribute the poor graduates in the district and regional editors. And then some options: either to flee at the first opportunity, or finally "sour," lost all creative fuse. For variety you can, so to speak, to assimilate with the population of the town, to find a "half" of the environment, and slowly sipping the local samogonochku spill on weekends. What else to do in your spare time working disgusted? I, incidentally, is also on the distribution of nearly sent to the regional tele-barely-vision.

Fortunately, the application is saved on my person from one place of the magazine, where I was listed as producing editor, as well as my "special services" to the Ministry of Information in the form of a high average score (9.57 out of 10). By the end of the study about half of our girls povyskakivala married, gave birth children, and question the place of work decided by itself: they become full-fledged housewife and mother. These independent and energetic lady like me and my friends were forced to find a place under the sun. I am six months in promayalas their wonderful magazine, inspired by describing features of the food industry in Belarus.