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Author Nico Meisner

The thickness of the Board affects the volume of the boards. The more volume has a Board, the faster it is when paddling, which also increases the yield of the waves. The Board is thicker, the harder it can be However edge and therefore radical turns driving. Anything between 2 plays normally in good surfers “1/4 and 2” 1/2 thickness from less advanced and beginners between 2 “3/8 and 3”. The rocker line scoop is the curve viewed from the side of the Board which results in nose and tail bends of the boards. The flatter the rocker scoop line, the faster is the Board. A pronounced rocker makes the Board more maneuverable scoop line.

Indo rapid in fast, hollow barrels to ride boards with a distinctive line in the small European summer surf rather flat lines. Conversely it works not so well. With a flat line, the Board in quick waves is difficult to control, because it is too fast and like to pruning in the steep wave face. A Board with a distinct line is too slow to get the waves at a small surf. Finally even the tip for all the girls on their way to the shaft. Not generally smaller boards choose, but at best just a little shorter, so the bottom will turn to the first traverse relieved and you Gets not the lip in the back before you can apply to the turn. Glossary: Nose: front part of the surfboard take off: stand-up movement in the wave Shortboard: short and narrow surfboard for advanced surfers.

Fish: Shorter and wider than Shortboards, for advanced surfers.