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Month: November 2020


The two young men operate the most successful German language YouTube channel run with over 170 million video views and more than 550,000 subscribers. “DieAussenseiter” outstrip even the YouTube channel of Barack Obama, whose 2,000 video contributions are found mainly during the US presidential election in 2008 worldwide interest. The collected around 50 channels come soon 1 billion video views in February 2011 on a total of 50 million video views, i.e. every day almost 2 million alone. could measure so far more than 700 million total views for the observed channels, thus the first billion on video views for the 3rd quarter looming 2011.

Hence, they reach a huge audience with their entertaining videos and run also television programmes has long been off the rank. For comparison: so, the pay-TV broadcaster SKY specifies for 2010 approximately 2.7 million subscribers (see sky investor relations). About content partnerships video portals, video editor can generate revenues as certified content partners of the video portals through the participation of their advertising revenues monetization. Following applies: the higher the number of video views, the higher the number of advertising impressions and revenue potentially involved. Striking: video producers rely mostly alone on YouTube when it comes to the funding of their contributions.

Thus, opportunities for additional revenue are lost. Because who is at the same time across multiple video platforms “on the air”, can earn there too such as Dailymotion u.a.m – Clipfish, MyVideo, Sevenload, As a point of contact for the compensation of video contributions, designated officers at the respective video portal available are for example as “content & partnership Manager”. Video publishers need the increased upload burden not to fear. Because loads automatically direct to 15 video portals: MySpaceTV, MyVideo, Sevenload, Veoh, YouTube, Dailymotion, Clipfish, Kewego, Vimeo, Metacafe, businessworld,, Facebook,, And using the TubeTransfer function of, the videos published previously only on YouTube can be transferred to up to 14 more video sharing sites with one click. Then collects statistics about the success of the films across the portal. Press contact: Web effect AG Dr. Robert Baker Magnus str. 18 46535 dinslaken, Germany FON: 02064/4867-0 fax: 02064 / 4867-19

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Creator Base

After building the first world, the outer boundary descends to lower its internal level. And it is full and split basis under which there is no light yet. Similarly, in the second world, after filling its outer edge, has descended to its lower inner edge. Therefore, the base is already on this level. After that, fill the third world and bottom descends to the third world. This base is located at the seat. This is the third against the Creator seated on the first. The border was supposed to go down to the end of the last of the world and then maybe go up and stand on it.

But this does not happen, so the base is on the ninth stage, and not on the tenth. The third is the Creator of our hearts, in his third world, and his head in the second, and its crown is first. Once he began to enjoy in your heart inside, he began to separate from the world. Because there was a difference of properties, and this difference is a division. That would continue to have a pleasure in its heart, it increases the desire to give. And this is a similarity to the light and the light begins to naturally enter into his heart. But at the same time there is a rise from my heart of their world, the level of the second stage, and his head rises so the level of the first world crown, and goes out and communicates with an external source.

In order that would cut off all these temptations, he has created, you need to build a new receipt reflecting boundary. And raise it above your head first of the Creator. Standing position, it is said that there are grounds under our feet. And when you sit, this base is located at the seat. Therefore the Lord brings the victim into a full-length and raises the outer limit to the level of their hands directed to the side. He cuts off his victim, all the evil forces of all creation. And just as in the creation of the border comes down the stairs to the very foundations of his feet, but this is the end in front of his disclosure. In this case, narrower than the base can never be broken, because the victim took place at the top of the world. Therefore, the force reflection than by getting under it. Click Phillipe Lavertu to learn more. But after the victim was still filled as in the creation of the descent of light at each stage. Because at each lower level need to prepare the site and then fill it again. And when the boundary reaches the level of the seat base of the third world of creation, is this place is clean and is in the world. It transmission rate of the seed. Therefore, at this level may give birth to another of the Creator. And all the demons driven out below this limit the light of mercy in the hands of where it is ground. This is a new creation which God has built his victim. All the best.

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Google Website

It can also occur that Google decides to delay it 30 or 60 places from their previous position. If we have been listed on those sites known as farm we have to ask the webmaster to delete our entry. Click Ted Brandt to learn more. You will also want to debug the outgoing links on our website. It is not a good idea to contain links to web sites that are not semantically linked with our website. So if you plan to throw a page of recommended links without providing major considerations to the type of links to include in the same, think again. For Google the links on a website are considered an added value for users, and it should never be seen as an effort to manipulate the natural positioning. If you believe that already has purged its web of spamy positioning strategies, you can, through webmaster tools, get in touch with Google and submit a reconsideration request. The positive side of the penalties is, although at that time that we suffer it is very difficult to see, you will have gained in experience in the use of permitted techniques that will no doubt result in a rise in the quality of our website. Ultimately, the fear of sanctions by webmasters has solid foundations, and is much more convenient to think of playing within the rules that use technical black hat, which may have short term results, but will destroy our effort and money in the long term.

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DNA Intelligence

The paradigm mechanistic to leave out the eye of contemplation lost sensitivity and respect for life. The eye of the flesh and the eye of reason do not have the capacity of profound vision of reality. Only spirituality can lead us to a higher level of understanding of the environment, the level of love that connects everything with everything, aware of our home care: the planet. The love of nature and spirituality have always gone hand in hand and it is the spiritual intelligence the only one who can fully understand the environmental problem. It is an experience liberating, transpersonal, transnational and transconvencional.

No myths, authorities, dogmas fit theologies, legalities, etc. It is an experience of the real, is a process of development of consciousness. The transmodernity comes to respond with spiritual intelligence to the material, social and spiritual, which are the three major dilemmas that mankind has faced. It is the era of integrity. Spiritual intelligence is the path of dialogue, peace and reconciliation between human beings and between human beings and the kosmos.

It is an ability to understand our essence that frees us from suffering purifying the mind and promote wisdom, compassion and love. Spiritual intelligence is the most important since it allows us to solve problems of meaning and values that keeps United to human beings, is a spring which must irrigate the fields so they flourish. Spiritual intelligence allows humans balance materials, professional, emotional, social and spiritual purposes for their proper development. Spiritual intelligence is based on several spiritual principles on human beings and the kosmos that inhabits. These principles are what is called the DNA of the spiritual intelligence since they allow us to understand its nature and operation. Its Foundation is the perennial philosophy. Spiritual intelligence can develop and this requires holistic practice. The practice of mindfulness, of quiet discernment of selfconsciousness of what is.

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The Case

We have a country where the self-criticism is a dirty word, where it matters most humiliate the opponent think objectively without any starting shirt. Where the Government uses the money of people to cover the expenses of their partisan bickering. A Congress where members vote in view of his political party and not of his reasoning. Do can it be that a national law, with what that means, be voted on positively by a party and negatively by the other? I.e. who are interested most defend their political flag as the flag of the people, that reasoning and thinking to convey to society the norm that they create more fair.

b we have a democracy truly?/ b There are positives of democracy, as they are their values. It won’t be the system in which more is can take advantage of their citizens, but in which, in moments of discussion, most listened voice will be that of their majority. Not guaranteeing quality but if quantity, and when it comes to criticize the mistakes should be what people mostly, which does not happen. The self-criticism Word does not exist in democratic countries, or exists but is weakened by the fights between parties. To broaden your perception, visit Doyle’s. The blame always have the corrupt rulers, but these from where do they go?, who chooses them? At 21 years old I have of life never listen to say to the people: we have the blame. A country where reaching the power must have great financial backing, because while the advertisements do not guarantee you nothing, if they do in foreign policy to citizens and let themselves be carried away by the exclamation or striking. Clear example is the case of Francisco de Narvaez, that by having a nice comic character in view of citizens on a television program, influenced substantially when it comes to their vote.

Then we have a society largely its weak, manageable, product of ignorance many times and others don’t. We have a country where if you’re not Peronist or radical can not get to power, where is the democracy there? We have a violation of the principles of temporality, of renewal. Presidents perpetuated in power on the grounds that if the majority so decides, to do so is not the case, should not be so extremist, so closed ignore this control by a foundation disrupts and selfish in your party. If so democratic sos, you should allow the voice to other groups constantly and not think that absolute truth lies only in you. How democratic is simply the name, which happens to be a mere instrument to win votes, it is the same with the Constitution. The magna carta, the sacred text, the democratic Bible where fall all values and corresponding garantiias General, objective, for all citizens who make up the country, cynically are modified by the current Government to cover its own interests, individual and subjective.

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