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Month: July 2017

General Judicial Council

It ran approximately 22 or 23 of July of 2009, when our beloved Spain were around the five million unemployed, among which the latest polls say that more than one million families had all their members unemployed, when they told us a joke from the General Judicial Council, but without grace, since sixteen of twenty-one members that form this Councilthey signed a document which called for the establishment of compensation by residence ranging between 600 and 1000 euros a month (7,200 to 12,000 euros a month more, without pay) in favour of all the Board members whose family residence is outside Madrid. But we must not forget that these people already paid about 125,000 euros annually, with what could happen to collect approximately 137,000 euros annually, against the, 0euros that are gaining more than one million families, most which are subsisting just with subsidies. Wells Fargo helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. If we calculate the current one of these poor vocal salary with respect to the famous mileuristas, that more than one would like to see in this case, we have that with the salary of one of those vocal poor without the climb that claim, could live 6 or more families without any trouble where these vowels have troubles to not survive with 125,000 euros a year? Same problem have it on greed, avarice and the lack of solidarity that will not let them live in peace, so to be as supportive as they are, just as the Government should propose solutions how to send to each vowel where you have the family residence, and instead of climbing the amount requested by compensation for residence, lower them the salary at the grassroots level more conventionswhere have the residence when working and if where is the family residence do not require a member of this category, because to use them as porters that there will always be some gap in any public school. Very messeigneurs, in times of a crisis profound as Spain population living in these moments, (which I’m not going to stop to analyze today’s who is to blame, and with almost five million unemployed in their backs, cannot be the shamelessness of collect 125,000 euros a year and ask for a rise of 12,000 euros more. Incidentally, if the move goes well, just like growing mushrooms with rains so grow the disproportionate demands of this Court by other groups unsupportive.

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June Conference

The second Conference on the use of open source software in data centers and large IT environments released a promising program. Nuremberg, May 17, 2010 – after a very successful call for papers the Conference program of the 2nd released today open source data center Conference 2010 on 23-24 June 2010 will take place in Nuremberg. The NETWAYS GmbH, the leading provider of services related to the theme open source hosting and monitoring, conducted Conference deals mainly with the use of open source software in data centers and large IT environments. The now published program can see osdc /… be obtained. The cost – and resource-saving advantages of open source have recognised now also many well-known companies and data centers, and rely increasingly on the use of free software.

This development is reflected in the strong interest of the industry in the Conference. We were even slightly surprised as well open source in great theme Environments has arrived. This encouraged us but all the more that the flexible and economical use of open source software is becoming increasingly important at the current time. “, so NETWAYS managing director Julian Hein. ‘ In addition to well-known German names such as Dr. Michael Schwartzkopff and Jorg Mollenkamp, an exciting, varied and extensive lecture program sizes is guaranteed by the promise of international of well-known open source. So the OSDC was the Director of consulting by Percona Baron Schwartz, JasperSoft business intelligence specialist Michael Schlenzka and Maciej Dobrzanski (senior consultant, Percona Inc.) curl to Nuremberg. The Conference offered the opportunity to participants to inform with interesting discussions and presentations on the latest trends and advances in the field of open source data center solutions. Through the featured best practices the latest know-how for daily practice can be appropriated also”, explains Bernd Erk, head of operations at NETWAYS. All interested parties, to the OSDC Conference 2010 want to participate, have the ability to secure one of the coveted tickets for the event are on the Conference website (

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It presents a localization with certain privilege in relation the equidistances to the main urban centers of the coast. Distant of the capital of the State the 62,2 km (approx 49 min.). Perfazendo with a demographic total area of 114.5 hab/Km that composes geographic area of the city of 348.74 km if finds inside of the urban perimeter of the city. With a population approximately of 42.303 hab and limiting with Canguaretama- RN and Old Peter RN. Peter Rgis, and with the cities of River Tinto (7 km), Mataraca (30 km), Capim (9 km), Itapororoca (13 km), from above Corral (23 km) and Jacara (32 km) and Peter Rgis. Ben Silbermann often addresses the matter in his writings. Thus being, Mamanguape is a located city of the coast more the 35 altitude m, presents a tropical and pleasant climate of annual average temperature of oscillating around 25C.

Its vegetation is Pioneering, De Campos and Mata de Restingas, Manguezais and Humid Mata. Identified in bioma of the Caatinga and of It kills Atlantic. For its fisiogrfico aspect, the city of Mamanguape is inserted in the Geoambiental unit of the Coastal Trays that all folloies the coast of the northeast, presenting an average altitude of 50 the 100 meters. Understanding origin plateaus sedimentary, that present degree of changeable wood carving. Its ground are represented by the Latossolos and Podzlicos in the chapadas and topos topos of residual and by the Podzlicos with Fregipan, Podzlicos Plnticos and Podzis in the small depressions in trays, for the Podzlicos Concrecionrios in dissecadas areas and Aluvial hillsides and Gleissolos and Solos in the fertile valley areas. THE NATURAL RECOVERY OF RIVER MAMANGUAPE-PB I understand that the environment is the set of physical factors, chemical and biticos, daily, I mention myself to the nature as a great natural resources, on which our survival depends and the place that involves in them and in the fence in half dynamic and an extremely healthful one.

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Crystal Collection

MSI, a pioneer in technology, always striving to redefine luxury and technology, said the release of a new luxury model laptop MSI PR400 'collection' Crystal Collection. Having a simple, elegant shapes, executed in black and white color laptop MSI PR400 Crystal Collection topped 120 SWAROVSKI Austrian crystals of rock crystal handmade. Shining purity of the crystals in conjunction with the Shiny UV coating makes the notebook, giving it an amazing style, in perfect work of art, which certainly emphasizes the refinement of taste and uniqueness of the individual owner. Notebook MSI PR400 Crystal Collection uses the latest mobile technology and Intel Centrino vPro, combining a truly superior performance of security and management capabilities built directly into the chip. Intel vPro – is the latest technology from Intel, optimized for businesses and reduces the number of visits for staff direct service through remote monitoring, diagnosis and repair operation PR400 Crystal Collection notebook even if the system is off or not responding. Houtbuk MSI PR400 Crystal Collection has a 14.1-inch high- TFT color monitor, providing, through the use of technology, ACV (Amazing Crystal Vision – amazing Crystal-Vision), stunningly pure, rich in subtle details of the image with color saturation and sensational HD-quality. Together with the sumptuous widescreen display, high-definition multimedia interface HDMI, implemented in a laptop MSI PR400 Crystal Collection, provides optimal video quality, which will liven up your business meetings and presentation of rich natural colors.

Additionally, the HDMI interface will enjoy movies and television programs. With the support of the wireless networking standard 802.11N, laptop MSI PR400 Crystal Collection will provide any time, wireless Internet access, and Bluetooth wireless interface allows to connect additional devices. Integrated 1.3-megapixel portable webcam, wireless capabilities and integrated high-tech microphone Notebook MSI PR400 Crystal Collection allows you to broadcast video in real-time, for example, participate in video conferences. Notebook MSI PR400 Crystal Collection has a hard drive to 250 GB, enabling accommodate large multimedia collection. In addition, the laptop MSI PR400 Crystal Collection is also equipped for a quick and easy data transfer, 3-port USB 2.0, the device read / write memory card 5-in-1 recorder and optical drive, Multi-DVD.

To protect information unauthorized access to your laptop MSI PR400 Crystal Collection provides a safety function with integrated fingerprint reader. Having dimensions of 24 cm in length, 33 cm wide, 26.5-35 mm thick notebook MSI PR400 Crystal Collection is very portable. A through the hull of an aluminum-magnesium alloy notebook MSI PR400 Crystal Collection is the weight (along with a six-element battery) not more than 2.2 kg, making it a really good choice for those who value ultra mobile. Notebook MSI PR400 Crystal Collection comes pre-installed operating system Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium. For information. Founded in 1986, the corporation has steadily continued to follow the MSI principle, the situation is even at the base: quality, worthy of the highest awards, and the relentless care about the customer. The corporation specializes in developing and manufacturing of motherboards, video cards, servers and workstations, platforms, optical drives, devices, networking equipment and products consumer electronics, so called, CE-devices. Due to the quality of products and vysochashemu organization worthy of service to consumers, MSI managed to take third place among the best of Taiwanese companies to enter the top five the largest motherboard manufacturers in the world.

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Bonn Marketing

Brains think of nothing – dikutieren to the top topic in the marketing experts. When making purchase decisions, different processes take place in the brain. Which are exactly and use them as for the product advertising, busy neuro marketing itself. The branch of marketing research utilizes advances in brain research here. Experts from science and practice met now within the framework of a series of region in the 2010 “, to illuminate the popular subject from all sides. Initiators of the neuro Marketing Workshop: new ways of thinking? New ways?”were the University of Siegen, the industrial and trade Club South gasses e. V.

the wirtschaftsjunioren victory/Westerwald and the wirtschaftsjunioren South Westphalia. As an expert from the ranks of the Markenoptimierer, Marco Petracca, head of brand consulting by psv marketing, had been invited as expert advisor. With his experience from the practice he impressively showed the weaknesses of neuro marketing. While he underscore the compelling and sustainable effects examples Mark. Also Prof. Dr. Hanna Schramm-Klein from the Department of marketing of the University of Siegen and PD Dr. Bernd Weber from the Department of epileptology, University of Bonn & head NeuroCognition in their lectures, confirmed that neuro marketing currently still not can be used for predictions of buyer behavior. The online contribution of the University Siegen to the event at the Sparkasse Siegen found here.

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Engagement Rings

Ordered o rings engagement rings, may be the most important jewels in a couple’s life. On the one hand the meaning for who receives it (the fiancee) is definitive because, since it produces one much personal change as social in their personal situation. On the other hand, which gives it (fiance) surely is facing for the first time the purchase of a jewel of special importance. Learn more at: Nissan. For all these reasons and by its social relevance, the ring of ordered it must be a choice rather than accurate and consistent with the expectations generated around him. The doubt is generated when choosing the type of ring in the catalog of jewels, since we have two excellent choices, the solo or the Alliance. As Solitaire or ring that only carries one central diamond (sometimes has ornamente arm with small diamonds), is the traditionally more it gives.

As positive, Solitaire brings us security in the importance of our gift, since we focus all our economic effort to a single diamond, and this will therefore be of larger size and better quality than If we choose the Alliance, where there are several diamonds that compose it. The solitary commitment also offers a wide variety of mounts, as the classic in claws (depending on the size of our diamond number), the bevel or chaton, outdoor. It also allows us to select different sizes or external forms of our diamond, for example the size Princess, heart, oval, etc. Against the lonely times can be annoying to carry, especially if diamond reaches a certain size and is very high on the hand. However, this problem really only occurs when the promised is not accustomed to carry diamond jewelry and easily solved with a change of our diamond to a design or mount more moderate or adapted to the finger. On the other hand, the Alliance or ring that carries different diamonds, usually online, is nowadays increasingly more on the rise, as option chosen in the engagement ring. These diamonds partnerships above all bring us a myriad of mounting possibilities and combinations diamonds of different sizes and sizes.

This makes that the Alliance will enable us to better customize our ring of ordered, to obtain a ring more exclusive and different from the usual. Also commitment alliances with diamonds are best suited the finger and are more I like to wear, thinking are women who in many cases had not previously used a diamond rings the fiancees or for the first time, having a jewel of so much importance. But if after that said, neither lonely nor alliances we are convinced, the option of a few rings we have with diamonds called twins. Increasingly on the rise of jewelry, mostly in United States, it is the combination in a single gem of a loner and an Alliance of diamonds. The twins thus creates a single ring, of special importance and where we obtain the advantages of both. Ultimately, serve these recommendations to absorb as much as possible the difficult choice of the ring that changed our lives forever.

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Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa

“In his opinion, “must demand the elimination of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), or a radical reform of these agencies, they are matters” discussed “in the eight previous meetings and where “There is consensus positions, which should become a single global political position.” To this must be added the arrival of some Latin American leftist presidents, who will discuss their feelings with regard to liberalism, particularly given the reality of capitalism and the review as no news The presidents of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay reached the World Social Forum, which called for “go on the offensive” and generating alternative proposals to liberalism. “The WSF must come together to take the offensive, because it was in its early years trenches of resistance to the liberal offensive,” asked the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, on his arrival.

“Hopefully the alternative (to the liberal economic system in crisis) come to the Forum (World Social) and Latin America,” he said after the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, who went from the airport to a social event with leftist Latin American leaders and his colleagues, Presidents Chavez, Fernando Lugo (Paraguay) and Evo Morales (Bolivia). To the sound of songs like “Hasta Siempre Comandante” and “our oath,” the presidents of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, surprised those attending the World Social Forum is held in the Brazilian city of Belem joining the musical group that entertained thousands of activists on PresidentA Ecuador, Rafael Correa sang several songs, then double voice with its Paraguayan counterpart Fernando Lugo, among these “Yolanda” and “Comandante Che Guevara.” “The people united will never be defeated,” chanted the participants at the event, all arrived by invitation..

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Christian Theology

This assertion of the oneness of God are the first words that teach a Jewish child, and the last words spoken before he died. ii. In Jewish law, the worship of a divine trinity is considered idolatry – one of the cardinal sins for which a Jew must give his life prior to transgress. This explains why during the Inquisitions and throughout history, Jews have preferred to give their lives rather than convert. b. Are humans like God? God can be a human? i. The Christian Theology / Catholic thought God came to earth taking the form of a man, as Jesus said, "I and the Father are one" (John 10:30).

ii. Maimonides devotes most of his book "The Guide of the Perplexed" to the fundamental idea that God has no body, ie a physical form. iii. God is Eternal, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. God is above time and is Infinite, beyond space. He could not have been born and can not die.

Saying that God assumes human form makes God small, and destroys His Oneness and Divinity, as written in the book of Numbers 23:19: "God is not man that He should lie, nor a son of man to repent. He said, what will not? Does he promise and not fulfill? ". iv. Judaism says that the Messiah will be born of human parents, with physical attributes like everyone else. There will be a semi-god, and will not possess supernatural characteristics. In fact, an individual living in each generation with the ability to take the role of Messiah (Maimonides, Laws of Kings 11:3).

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Martin Glogger

The Internet as a new economic platform for a wide variety of interesting tasks or occupations which can be found in any professional directory. The visionary Martin Glogger describes what really is at the heart of a new economy in which people can best develop their inclinations and abilities and have the freedom to do so. Anyone who has a computer with Internet access, can in this new economy constructively and fairly location – and time-independent minded collaborate with, for example, to: innovative products and services to realize where an individual not capable of would be to try out unusual ideas with others and to implement to make a difference, what can fail individually, together with others, for example, against political or economic decisions are, which hinder competition of the small with the large enterprises it concerns the optimal use of the available natural and human resources (gifts, passions, values,…). Instead of to maximize profits with the work, it comes then to maximize the meaning and joy in the performance of his task. Who can earn enough money to live who will find meaning and joy in his task, in an appropriate environment (society). Please visit Wells Fargo Bank if you seek more information. It comes to take advantage of the ingenuity and creativity of the people. We need a maximum variety and amount of inventors and visionaries, this then leads to a maximization of meaning and joy and the profits for the products of the mind are much more equitably distributed.

Meaning and joy that have people in fulfilling tasks, are then maximized, if the task best corresponds to the nature of the respective people. Last but not least, it is most importantly total as many and varied tasks to create, to provide meaning and joy in their jobs to as many people. How? Many and varied tasks due to many and various inventions and visions. Because now a lot of people the meet diverse needs and wishes of a large number of people, for the individual inventor/visionary and their partners also relatively few customers drop off.

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