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Month: April 2017

Business Online

Millions of people start a business in the hope that they can stand up for independence. And where is she, this independence. We are increasingly becoming hostage debts (loans) for rent, for goods for services …. No more than one man who could single-handedly up. Always need someone else there, who at least listen to your thoughts, who will hear your ideas. Too many people, telling, they say that they were able to achieve … but something always happens, someone Met.

And if it all himself, it is 10 – 15 or 20 years. Then you have no right to a family. Will not it! Ask why – I will answer, or will your loved one will help or leave, not wanting to wait for a good life. It turns out that once again no one. Here! Not runs a proverb with a sweet paradise in a hut.

At the beginning of the journey to give up many. In this regard, of course the network is always more profitable, there are people who will push and will monitor, no matter what stood in place and moving forward. Indeed, in networks, unless a person works at the bottom, you have to work longer, and the result is less than here and help, what would people rose to their feet. One trouble Networks – lazy, they spoil the reputation of the entire system. For a long time say that it is rotten system, which is based on deception. Yes it may seem that a beginner’s easier to work. This is confusing! When you have poured into the existing team, people already have, the idea of a product or service, have experience or heard about the product. So it is easy does not happen never beginning nor the end. A network has no end. Sometimes during the decay, but lacks any spark for what would all start. Why I came up with such thoughts, I now close do intway, and of course lots of difficulties.

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Why Do We Need Information Kiosks ?

We live in an age of global information availability. A person wants to receive it, always and everywhere: in public transport, on the street, standing in line How to make information about your organization and your service has been available to the maximum number of people 7 days a week, 24 hours a day? At the same time would like the information was relevant, comprehensive and extremely accessible to everyone. To solve the described problems created by information kiosks. Use kiosks can and inexperienced user, it will receive the full amount of the required information in the shortest time, at any time convenient to him. Even the language barrier does not become an obstacle to, the information may be presented in several languages.

The kiosk can perform different functions: – On-line catalog – Virtual Guide – Showroom – advertising platform – Electronic Registrar – A friendly consultant, etc. Self-service terminals are designed to provide service to your clients: reservations, payments, recording, downloading information or other services relevant to your organization. They allow you to avoid the queues without increasing staff. In addition, the terminal does not require monthly expenses, he may become a new source of income, if you use it as an advertising platform (for example, while no one uses the terminal, it can play commercials). You will provide potential clients an opportunity to learn about your organization that he finds interesting. The most important information the customer can print out. Also, through the terminal you be able to get feedback from your clients: feedback, suggestions, questionnaires, etc. In this case, no problem to lack of stationery. At present, the terminals are no longer a rarity, almost no areas of activity, wherever they were not used. Due to various design options, methods and paint colors, they fit perfectly in the interior of any agency, become his trademark.

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Measurably Higher Sales Success Of Swiss Post Solutions CRM

Swiss Post solutions consolidated by a total of 40 companies of Swiss post from 16 countries who has Swiss Post solutions (SPS) as the group unit of Swiss Post with the support of the ec4u expert customer management consulting ag implements a complex CRM project. The ambitious strategic goal of the project was to consolidate the customer management by a total of 40 companies acquired by Swiss post from 16 countries to increase organic growth. This was, to creating a unified and universally accepted platform, target-oriented manages the entire sales cycle and has supplied the necessary processes, methods and tools. The solution has been designed on the basis of Oracle CRM on demand and 2011 technically completed after a one-year project period. Another year was required to achieve the necessary quality of the data and the trust of the staff, so that the PLC discussed the current pipeline from the CRM out Board for 2012 and the CRM as a basis for bonus-related objectives and measurements used. A marketing has been integrated in the strategic development of the CRM-platform automation tool (MAT).

It aims the demand generation and sales processes from a system to lead and control. By integrating CRM and MAT, a quantum leap was realized in this respect as that for both the sales and marketing measure and control. Among the key benefits of the solution, that today is a total overview of the marketing and the sales pipelines and all marketing channels and campaigns. (Not to be confused with Wells Fargo Bank!). SPS is thus able to define, how many leads are generated through which marketing channels and that it lead to a closed sale. Ambitious plans are associated. Because it is intended that the marketing generated a volume of leads and new business, is six times higher than the total marketing costs.

This goal has been achieved already this year, because in the current Forcecast it is exceeded by a factor of 0.5. Also have been for the Marketing executives defined measurable targets for the number of leads and their quantitative contribution to the sales pipeline. Among the other results of the project but also, who has succeeded through the integrated marketing and sales solution, to create a single forecast with all subsidiaries and business units. At the same time established a common understanding of marketing and sales, the result of a significant increase in profitability. Now measurable and transparent controllable marketing costs were reduced despite the significantly higher dynamics in lead generation. The sale gets only qualified leads, even the effectiveness of sales has grown measurably. Due to the successful realization of the project, the special prize of the jury as a groundbreaking international CRM project was awarded Swiss Post solutions on the CRM Expo 2013. Mr. Sandro Principe, head of strategic marketing and sales and member of the Executive Board of the SPS, accepted the award. The focus of the further development of the Solution will include an Outlook connectivity to facilitate work distribution; In addition, the integration of social networks is aspired. Also, SPS will deal with the mobile use of the CRM. Given the last rapid introduction process in the company and the concomitant changes for employees, however further innovations should be addressed carefully and very demand.

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Vertiginous Fall

Technology have its peculiarities in the behavior of prices, because to launch products these are higher, because it is a novelty, but as time passes, the price tends to be more accessible to all budgets, especially when appear new technologies that replace the previous discoveries. Frequently Nissan has said that publicly. This was the case with the prices of airline tickets at the time they began to operate the aircraft, a few years ago. But today, Madrid, and London flights to major cities in the world, find cheap flights that allow a greater number of users to benefit. Currently, airlines often allow within the same flight, price different depending on the season, occupation of the flight, the advance purchase, Executive class, group travel, price for children under the age of 11 or 12 years. These different choices in the management of the price resembles tickets of the shows, where depending on the location and closeness with the artist, prices may be higher or lower value.

Within the variables that are taken into account in the airlines to make cheaper, the prices of tickets are the following: low season always will be an incentive for promotions and discounts on travel, because aircraft prefer to charge a little less instead of travelling with a very low occupancy in these times. Depending on the amount of scales that make the plane before arriving at the final destination, passengers can benefit most economical prices and easy access. A little discomfort and more time may represent large economies. When buying in advance of the airplane tickets, is peden earn discounts at the original value, because it allows her to the airline is programmed and guarantee a minimum occupancy in the trip. At the last minute attractive offers can occur, either for the purchase of tickets in economical way or to give your quota to a third party with benefits and special awards. No doubt the fall in prices is one reality in every business and tickets of planes, but should be attentive to the market signals and offerings regularly you will be doing.

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Intercultural Training Korea

The key aspect for the success in the far East is to familiarize yourself with the mentality of the country with intercultural competence to the success in Korea. What is already known and accepted for China and Japan on a broad basis, of course also applies to Korea, where it must not make the mistake, to equate the Korean mentality and culture with those of China or Japan. Korea: Emerging economy a half generation ago Korea, at least the democratic southern part of the country, one of the so-called Tiger States “developing economies in East and Southeast Asia, which were on the go, from the emerging market to become the industrial nation. Korea seems to have made this leap now. Korean products break anyway, on a broad front in markets, which were dominated at the end of the last century by Japanese companies.

Our radio, television or walk-Mans (Yes, at that time there were still magnetic tape cassettes) were provided with Japanese company name for quality and innovation were. The local or American pioneers from the period of the economic miracle had long been replaced by them. Who was looking for a qualitatively acceptable alternative to European cars, access to Japanese cars. Today, however, consumers increasingly at once exotic car brands such as Hyundai or KIA accustomed. And electronic products carry Korean brand name already to a large extent. Key factor intercultural competence it has become a global heavyweight Korea not only in the export. Also the internal market with nearly 50 million consumers, which have an average purchasing power, that is, for example, significantly above the all South American countries, offers an interesting field of activity for European companies.

The key aspect for the success in the far East is to familiarize yourself with the mentality of the country. What is already known and accepted for China and Japan on a broad basis, applies also to Korea, where we must not make the mistake, the Korean mentality and culture with those of China or Japan to equate. Global cultures – comprehensive offer many companies have therefore the intercultural skills of their employees as an integral part in their staff development programmes already. Global cultures Academy for intercultural management offers therefore seminars, a cultural awareness laying the basis for the necessary. In addition, global cultures in appropriate organizational development advice, and convey knowledge targeted success ultimate interactive business events of a wide group. Cultural awareness is a process hooked up but not by visiting an event”can be. Rather, it comes through role playing, simulations and group work to deepen the learned not only to develop intercultural competence, but to provide also a valuable contribution to their implementation in daily business life. It is this range of specialist and managerial staff, the both directly live and work to do as well on those, as in the daily business with Koreans in Korea have. Ekaterina Beekes – global cultures

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German Science Panel

Science Council confirmed quality of teaching and research the Science Council has accredited the SRH School of logistics and management Hamm institutionally. Thus, the highest German Science Panel gave its seal of approval and confirmed the equivalence with the grandes ecoles. Teaching and research of the private college meet acknowledged scientific standards. The Science Council praised among others high identification of teachers with the College and the pronounced commitment to teaching and student supervision, according to the today Berlin (28.10) featured Science Board report. Thus, all 6 colleges of SRH are institutionally accredited in Germany and SRH has strengthened its position as one of the leading private high school. Our efforts to make a qualified academic offer the applicants in Hamm, was recognized by the Science Council.

This encourages us to expand the range and to make a contribution to strengthen the city of Hamm as the College site”, said the, Prof. Klaus Hekking Chairman of the University Council. He praised the use of professors and staff in the accreditation procedure, which only allowed the recognition by the Science Council. SRH University Hamm is one of six nationwide universities of the SRH, where approximately 8,000 young people studying. Currently 560 students are enrolled on the SRH University Hamm. Last year, there were 506. Studies in Hamm offers ten Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration, logistics and energy. Can be completed as a presence detector, remote or dual course of study, and therefore flexibly respond to the individual circumstances of the students.

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Quality Management

Codina, adds that there is agreement among scholars consider that creativity is not a natural quality, “with which one is born” but could develop. Major, another prominent specialist, more focused on creativity in business says: “While I agree that many people are more creative than others, I also believe that many have been trained to respond to external stimuli, and to act creatively” . Weirich is more accurate when it states “not only creativity can be taught, but also can be learned.” The management of this definitely should be creative, more to the characteristics of the current scenarios in which the change is obvious proactivity, forcing management to be prepared to address them, give way to actions, plans encourage you to use a creativity in everything to ensure ability to interpret the reality of this, give way to actions that ensure the company succeed. It requires creativity. As discussed, not only to solve problems or issues that negatively affect the company, but to investigate new approaches that allow management to seek, build or pursue opportunities to survive and thrive Take into account what, that according to studies, do not occupy more than ten percent of our creative capacity. According to Wells Fargo Bank, who has experience with these questions. This is unfortunate on a personal level, in enterprises is dangerous, since a modern organization that operates in open and competitive markets, constantly requires new ideas, changes, innovations, preparation of plans and original decisions, etc. And all this just has to do with creativity. Thanks to advances in knowledge and creative thinking processes, now being able to design strategies to overcome the blockages caused both personally and organizationally, that are holding back the creative development and the skills to promote through which individuals and institutions can achieve higher levels of creativity, we all possess, but which, for various reasons do not exploit the full extent, and instead, consciously or unconsciously, the drowning in our enterprises (“I pay to work, not think …”) * Different Web pages Chair Marketing, Comments closed

Good Luck

Although always in luck chance intervenes, the truth is that our good or bad luck depends, in some way, ourselves. Many wonder what is the luck and for most it’s chance, for others is born with or without star, and for some it is something that is written for each person. Whatever the justification that you have given to these questions, the truth is that we think in general all be luck, good or bad, it is something that is totally out of our control. Pinterest brings even more insight to the discussion. That is why, many times we fall into superstitions. As the don’t pass underneath a staircase, or the cross with a black cat. Get all the facts and insights with Nissan, another great source of information. Besides, most of us have a coin for luck in our pocket, and an amulet that we consider that it attracts good luck, as horrific and so popular rabbit legs. When you have an important appointment, will surely choose a garment of luck to get when someone called to give us a story that we hope, we crossed our fingers, as if with that simple gesture the new news in good news, even if they were bad. The truth is that all the luck amulets have their sense. As with almost all of the white magic, they are nothing but ways of harnessing our own energy. Since in reality, bad or good luck, despite having something by chance, seems to be one thing that comes out of ourselves. Related articles: what is luck? Are there good and bad luck? Good attitude, good luck original author and source of the article

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Internal Insulation

How to choose a quality dry construction mix today is almost impossible to imagine a building that was erected without the use of dry mixes of high quality. Such mixes significantly facilitate the work, while delivering high performance. They are excellent for use in conjunction with concrete floors, brick walls, brickwork, stone – a mixture of masonry assembly can used to handle both external and internal surfaces. Dry mixes require little if any construction work, for plastering walls and ceilings of concrete, brick, in preparation for painting and pasting within the premises, for sealing cracks and joints in the walls made of brick, concrete, – putty, mounting of metal structures. Dry mixture as a plasticizer can also be added to such building materials like concrete, making it more durable, reliable and waterproof. On the quality of dry mixes used in the construction and maintenance, depend on the reliability and durability of the machined surfaces, therefore important to choose a material that would fully satisfy the requirements of the planned activities. Using a mortar saves money and manpower – with the surface becomes smooth and suitable for gluing, painting, make walls watertight, will help keep heat inside the building. Laying mortar today not difficult and can easily be manually.

As the foam Knauf. Mortars can be used today for the laying of floors, walls, preparation of surfaces for various types of finishing. Floors, arranged with the help of high-quality dry mortar do not shrink, while maintaining its smoothness and the same level throughout the area. Scope of dry mortar is very wide and depends on the purpose and functional features of a type of material. Today, many manufacturers are fighting for the consumer, and therefore tend more to improve this kind of high demand of construction materials such as dry mixes, giving them additional qualities.

Anyway, today's dry mix of good quality have a long life, durability, reliability and have good thermal insulation, resistance to moisture, formation of cracks and other deformities. Surface treated with a mixture of high-quality construction, not dusty, does not crumble or crack, has a smooth and solid colors. Some types of dry mixes are also can successfully resist the fire, the direct impact of water, to resist extremes of temperature, to provide insulation in a cold room. To get the desired mortar should be familiar with its characteristics and have a clear plan for upcoming work, but when buying a mortar should also check its certification. Quality mixes have different environmental safety, durability, durable in use, easily repaired. Before you place an order for delivery of a mortar, it would be better to compare products from different manufacturers to choose the best price and quality option. Choice of quality mortar is impossible without careful consideration of its characteristics – both advantages and disadvantages to pre-warn the inconvenience.

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