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Month: January 2013

The Different

Social dynamics has been reconfigured by effect of globalization, understood as a result of the confluence of economic structural and conjunctural factors of market of the developed nations. It constitutes a strategy based on a market logic which has managed to permeate the different sectors of economic, political, social and cultural life. Occur deep inequities, in different orders of the complex and changing world order, expressing themselves in relationships that are established on the backdrop of the social structure, with expressions and nuances on multiple levels (from the) macro-economics and the macro-politica up to smaller and more immediate social structures in which the everyday experiences of the subjects take place). The whole society is changing, science and technology are developing rapidly, what is new today tomorrow is obsolete, cultural boundaries are blurred by effects of the media and the boundaries between the social professions become increasingly ambiguous. Companies in the 21st century environment, is every day more complex, among others: increase in uncertainty due to the depletion of natural resources, the oil crisis, foreign debt and stock market crises.

Role of competition for the intangible. Increase in the speed of technological change. In this environment, the capacity to assimilate, adapt, improve and develop new technologies is very important. Thus, in this context, arises the need for holistic understanding of human phenomena and experiences of social actors. In the conditions current development is indispensable a read-outs of the identity of workers. But what do we mean when we speak of identity? A simple way, we can say that the identity is what, regardless of the field of action, the level of intervention and the context in which it locates, allows you to recognize yourself as an individual, as a member of society, as a worker in this scenario, in which a confusion of feelings and emotions, occurs in a rapid and changing society, and we paraphrase Sennett, do decide what is of lasting value among us? How pursue goals long-term given the short-term economy? How sustain loyalty and commitment in institutions in continuous decay or reorganization? The new order requires a continuous reinvention and pursuit of immediate profit.

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Caribbean Mortgages

People who have visited the Caribbean knows of its intrinsic beauty. The climate is healthy, the beaches are beautiful with warm as its people, rich biodiversity and culture, makes the Caribbean not only an interesting place to visit, but also a wonderful place to live and conduct some kind of investment. Today, more people are opting to live somewhere in the Caribbean. If you are considering this possibility, it is easy and affordable to apply for a mortgage and finance your real estate investment. In the Caribbean and Central America are available banks that offer mortgages to foreigners who seek to buy or build your House very close to the sea. The arrangements are a little different, however the banks offer mortgages in dollars, depending on the place you go to choose, mortgage creditors can be purchased at low rates of interest and within a period of up to 20 years.

Most banks require only to open his own bank account and so achieves a real estate mortgage. This procedure is given so that you can debit the value of the monthly mortgage that account. Important goal for the buyer is getting a good interest rate for your mortgage. In general, in these heavenly places, mortgage interest rates range from 6 percent upwards and it is recommended to use a variable interest rate. It also likely need to obtain a mortgage life insurance policy.

Banks charge fees to deal with a mortgage and this value tends to be around 1% of the total amount of the loan. Costs not only make an affordable mortgage, but it also makes the purchase or construction of your home is a great investment. To apply for a mortgage from the Caribbean, frequently the Bank will require certain documentation that represents certain guarantees for the lender of the applicant. This may include: receipt of recent payments, the agreement of sale, valid identification, such as a passport, ID card, driving license, report of valuation, copy of the titles of property or securities, debt confirmation certificate, letters of work, recommendations, etc. The specific bank you choose you may explain to nearly all the required documentation. During the search for the best option for your mortgage, it is important to get a mortgage that fits your own needs. It is imporetante to take into account monthly payments, down payment, the repayment period, and the amount being requested until a certain percentage of the value of the property. Compare prices of mortgage options in order to select the best offer and the appropriate for your benefit it is suggested. It is also key to make sure that over time is possible the opportunity to refinance, especially if you get a better rate of interest. Some banks also offer incentives for this type of business, so there is to be sure and check with your financial institution this rebate offer can give without penalty. When you find your dream place, it is important to get the best mortgage in the market and so the decision taken is appropriate and beneficial financial investment. In addition, you must obtain a good insurance policy that helps to protect your investment. Live around the Caribbean does not have to be a fantasy but a plausible and possible reality. To find the perfect home and understand the full process to achieve the purchase and in the best conditions and prices available in the market, can go for example in Panama banks to fix their mortgage with Panama finances original author and source of the article

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International Monetary Fund

The Prime Minister of Greece, Yorgos Papandreu, has expressed his confidence that Greece will overcome the debt crisis and has called on Germany to approve the expansion of the Fund’s stability of the euro. In the first public event of his visit to Berlin, the head of the Greek Government has assured that his country will meet all commitments of austerity with its European partners and with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Papandreou will meet this afternoon with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to explain the budgetary adjustment measures implemented by the Greek Government. Before the representatives of the powerful Confederation of German industry (BDI), Papandreou has asked trust and respect by the superhuman effort being made by the Greek people. The Greek Socialist has riveted his speech to German businessmen quoting Brack Obama: Yes, we can (Yes, we can). Source of the news:: Papandreou claims in Germany to extend the bailout Fund

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Fundamentals of Programming

In this article I will try to explain the basics of oriented programming objects, which derives from the old structured programming and had numerous defects. Object-oriented programming allows you to break down more easily a problem in subgroups of related parties of the problem. Then, using the language these subgroups are can translate into objects. The term programming oriented objects (OOP), now widely used, is difficult to define, since it is not a new concept, but it has been the development of programming techniques since the beginning of the Decade of the seventies, even in the Decade of the nineties when it increased dissemination, use and popularity. However, you can define POO as a technique or style of programming that uses objects as essential building block. An object is a unit that contains data and functions that operate on that data. The elements of an object are known as members; functions that operate on the objects are called methods and data is called data members. An object controls something, when another part of the program you want to use something, calls the object that controls it and this makes it, when you want to extend the use of that something, solohas modify the object and the rest of the programme there will be amended sinnecesidad to touch any code.

Another operating system takes as an example a programmea change. If you agrupas calls to the system on an object, with only modify the object so that you use the new operating system, the many program run without changes, fantastic no?. An object is like a mini-Setup, it contains data that necesitay functions that handle them. This is called encapsulation, because data and the functions that handled it are encapsulated (grouped). This so that other parts of the program do not modify them directly, but through the functions of the object. Summing up an object is characterized by: designers define new classes (or types) of objects. Objects have a series of operations associated with them.

Operations tend to be generic, i.e., they operate on multiple data types. Kinds or types of objects share common components through inheritance. To be able to describe all the objects of a program, should be grouped into classes. Class: We can consider a class as a collection of objects that possess characteristics and common operations. A class contains all the information needed to create new objects. Encapsulation: Already we have described it above, but it really is a technique that allows you to locate and hide the details of an object. Encapsulation prevents an object to be handled by different defined operations. Encapsulation is like a black box hides the data and only allowing access to them in a controlled manner. Finally will discuss as a class for example Crectangulo is used, and is follows: CRectangle class int x, and; public: void set_values (int, int); int area (void); rect; We explain it in other words: CRectangle class and object is called RECT variable to Act (width) and x (length) and are of integer value method public (accessible) void set_values (int, int); insert values length & width int area (void); result of nmerico of the area in a next installment DFSG more in these aspects.

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Unico Investment

With investment funds, which are investments in the term, in other words the only thing that can happen is that you will have more money. Investment funds make to grow your money, is that they are the best method of saving and investment. Investment funds are the only ones that have a variety of products so you can choose the most suitable to your needs and economic capabilities. In this way, when you make the right choices, you get attractive yields and results that you will not obtain any other way. Now, if you already with an investment fund or an investment term you have to do is increase the term and amount of the investment fund so this way you get best interests. So you choose the investment fund that suits you. Among the most popular are promissory notes, fixed rate cedes, cedes variable rate and investment express.

These funds may be from 1 day to 365 days, 90, 180, or 390 days, 91, 182, 371, 560 or 721 days or 1 to 365 days respectively. In addition, minimal opening amounts are very accessible because you can start with thousand pesos, five thousand pesos, fifty thousand pesos, or ten thousand pesos. So that decidete by investment funds and have more money.

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Germany Rooms

East Hotel & Restaurant Hamburg built in a former foundry, the East Hotel & Restaurant is located near avenida Reeperbahn in St. Pauli, one of the liveliest areas of Hamburg, akin to the red light district of Amsterdam. Not only their Suites are worth. Its rooms have a minimum 25 m2 and none is equal. They are all different, you would not know you with which stay confirms Daniel, HolidayCheck user. East Hotel is not only one of the hotels more trendys Hanseatic City. Its cocktail bar is one of the best in the city, and boasts a New York restaurant, and a gym from 1. 000 m2 in the roof.

Hotel Nordic Light Estocolmo the winery’s Swedish hotel boasts one of the largest collections of American wine. They frequently surprised to customers from the other continent with wines that may not find in your country. And they not only pamper your pantry. The rooms have small details that make the difference: commissioned the famous Swedish manufacturer Hastens beds to ensure a good night’s sleep. The bathrooms have the House Temple Spa toiletries. And offer Chromotherapy in their rooms. As its name suggests, the main element of the Hotel Nordic Light is light.

Prizeotel Bremen-City Bremen this Boutique Hotel’s futuristic design was conceived by designer Karim Rashid and offers very affordable prices. It is close the St. Petri Cathedral, in the heart of the city of Bremen, to the North of Germany. Its rooms are equipped with television screens of plasma, connection for iPod, free wifi, bathrooms with rain shower design. They organize s Dj sessions and other events. Thereon Ingrid – a user of HolidayCheck which housed ensures that the hotel staff is very attentive, happy and fun.

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