Frankfurt Motor Show

It is not an auto site posted the good news that Mercedes introduced a supercar SLS AMG, the spiritual successor to the legendary 300 SL Gullwing, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Lewis Hamilton, world champion in Formula One in 2008, was seen at the presentation New SLS AMG's, bouncing on the driver's seat supercar. The new "Merce" is equipped with the same 6.2-liter V8, which is used in all 63 models, AMG, but with the processing of "internal organs". SLS has a total of 563hp and 479 lb FT- of torque – enough to propel the SLS AMG to 62 miles / h in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 196 miles / h. The development of the engine lubrication system is used dry, as well as innovation is the double traction and seven-speed gearbox. Projected curb weight of just 3571 kg. This possibility is explained by the experts, mainly to the fact that even the first model Mercedes has ever produced, with all aluminum chassis. Weight is also saved by using the carbon-ceramic brakes and a cast of weight, overall size of the car: 19 9,5 inch front and 20 11 inches in the rear. Measure tire 265/35/19 front and 295/30/22 rear.

Eternal Love

In life many things work in a clear, direct and precise, and other cyclically. Love works in this second way, so you never know for sure what will happen: just as we can live without a break or without us hope that what we want (and without anything we can do), we can live a revival of love. In life many things work in a clear, direct and precise, and other cyclically. Love works in this second way, so you never know for sure what will happen: just as we can live without a break or without us hope that what we want (and without anything we can do), we can live a revival of love. If you want to find out how to win back a former love, no doubt you'll have to work the way you perceive things. Then I explain better: When you're living a tense situation with a partner who then inevitably ends with a break, self is the protagonist of all that is happening and is driven by the positive and negative emotions which involves the situation. The first thing you have to do is make a mental separation of what happened. You have to stop identifying with the character you were and I could see the whole from a higher perspective.

With this simple mental exercise will automatically start feeling better and therefore able to analyze what was what exactly caused the breakdown. Nobody can give you a ready-made recipe on how to retrieve a former love yourself you have to procure for the ingredients in your memory and from your good sense to determine what to do. Once you've regained the ability to see clearly, you will want to see the situation in the form of phases. That is, first you were in a phase where you were with your partner but in a negative way, causing you to move it to the second phase, one in which you are now and that is to be without it. Now need to move to a third phase that will bring you back to her. For that you need two things: creating positive elements, causing a back with your ex love and create a driving force that launches you into the next phase. Put in the balance all the negative aspects before and is transformed into a positive, when you feel ready to take the next step, then look for it and show you now are a positive man with whom she can quietly enjoy a relationship. On the next page to learn some tricks. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again. If you want to learn how to win back your ex quickly


Repair. 90 thousand again refused. (So I go without heating) Mileage 60 thousand kilometers – The failure of the thermostat, plugs above the expansion tank and, consequently, the destruction of the expansion tank (a network of cracks and flow). Replacement – 1 month waiting Mileage 60 thousand kilometers – Corrosion on the exterior chrome door handles (100 thousand to half of the chromium got off) It's a shame to put the car in public car parks – on the arms of 'green rags. " Mileage 70 thousand kilometers – An intensive corrosion mount levers wipers. (Shabby polymer coating and rust has started) Mileage 90 thousand kilometers – Leakage in the right headlight.

Replacement. trouble abruptly Mileage 100 thousand miles, the warranty is over (Here for more details) At full speed 100 km / hour breaks bracket tensioner timing belt (manufacturer's marriage), so it breaks the engine (pistons and valves are found and further can imagine that happening). After the diagnosis of SRT on the street. Usenko, 8 engineer warranty agrees to a partial repair by the manufacturer. 1.5 months out and this car is on the move. Joy marred by strong control roaring engine. Again repairs (replaced balance shaft). Gul has become smaller, but the motion coasting with the clutch connected hum and vibration remained. Mileage 105 thousand miles – The car began to lose 'craving'. Multiple references in this regard to the service station Usenko AP: The third time (at my insistence) the master hit upon dismantled exhaust tract, the verdict – 'You hid the upper catalyst.

Current Duality

Current duality – this is worrying, or you are interested duality. People usually do not perceive this as a duality, because people are interested in, as a rule, only one of its pole. For example, a person wants to become free from anything and that it is actual polarity "to be free." But at the same time, he does not notice the reverse side of the duality created by unconsciously – to "be free", since in order to move towards freedom, we need pole, from which, we must move. This pole is automatically created by the subconscious, and the more a man dreams about freedom, the more he subconsciously makes itself unfree. Otherwise, he could not move to the opposite pole. Charge between the poles increases, the impact of duality on the mind increases, common sense is suppressed, from which later a man and suffering. Study to both poles.

Work with only one pole is less efficient because you will not affect the two extreme points at which everything is kept and untreated pole keep its opposite. Therefore, working through a single pole, instigating the opposite. In these methods work is carried out alternately with poles: 1,2,1,2, etc. Such rotation of the work gives a stronger effect than the study of the poles separately, due to the fact that you do not plunge into a pole, and constantly changing points of study. This increases the space for the vision of the situation and go beyond the mind is faster. Once the material being lodged between the opposites, erased, duality disappears and ceases to be meaningful for you.