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Month: August 2011

Hair Cosmetics

Business plan salon majority notes about hairdressing business in the Russian media suggest that the safest investment – is opening salon middling, $ 30 – 40 thousand dollars. But another view adheres to, for example, the famous stylist Sergey , who believes that only the smallest and the lowly hairdresser never lost. Judging by the fact that said 'Business Journal' Constantine, the owner three small hairdressers in residential areas of Moscow, this is how things are. Why I chose this business? I've always had a strong feeling that at all times, for any system, whether it be capitalism or socialism, we need Certain professions: a builder, a shoemaker, and, of course, a hairdresser – because everyone needs a haircut. Why am I not opened the salon in the heart of Moscow? Leaving aside the question of cash, then open something inside Garden Ring may only attracting customers with income above average. And it is quite difficult. The more high-rise buildings, the greater the need for beauty and hairdressing salons. And the presence in the house next door one more barbershop scare should not. Let's calculate: take a large salon – 15 seats; assume that all barbers are busy – work for 8 hours, spending half an hour to the client (although, in reality, a wholly owned attendance does not happen ever) – one day a salon can serve 240 people, per month – 4800. Now imagine how many people live in the neighborhood and often do occur so fast service? Roughly speaking, barbershop You can open a staircase.

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How To Create A Corporate Site

For any solid organization now have a website on the Internet is the same rate as corporate e-mail, the dress code in the office. Corporate site – a person of the company, most often it is performed in strict style use of corporate colors and logo. The latter is important to remember the image of the company's network users. Typically, corporate web site a lot of information – photos of employees, the history of the organization, its products and services, jobs, services and other offers. With such an abundance of content structure is obtained fairly complicated, and it must be intelligently designed. The user should not get confused on this website, and stay happy visit and come back to this resource later. Quite logical that in this case, a content management system – it automates the creation of new pages and sections, facilitates the loading of new materials and correction old information. Current cms is so easy and understandable, it is sufficient to teach a special employee of the company to use it, and he will be able to carry out these operations with the site itself. In a highly competition korportativny site should be in the top search engines, so more must be ordered and promotion of a resource on the Internet.

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Successful Selfpromotion

Man, that something can be done because others can not do, certainly must stand out from the crowd. And do not be shy. Need to work in his own name, and then to the name of the exercise for you. How correctly to do this? Where to start? For successful self-promotion, building personal brand to use the 7 basic tools: website, blog, e-mail, writing articles, conducting webinars, participation in professional party, concept development and brand mission. 1.

Develop your site. The easiest way to make yourself advertising – to create a site where you offer your services. The site also can host guest ashih former clients who share pleasure working with you, your portfolio. With this approach, people will trust you as a professional in the business. Also, your site will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, seven days a week and holidays. 2.

Keep up your blog. The site is usually static, and the blog is constantly updated. Potential customers use search engines to find people working in the required field. Their search may lead to your blog. Stream live to the world their opinion on various issues! Regularly updating a blog at least once or twice a week, you can push your blog higher in search results. 3. Newsletter – an important tool for finding your target audience to form a base of loyal subscribers, your potential clients, customers and buyers. Getting your regular mailing to trust you, and if they want to later buy any goods or receive any service – it probably will appeal to you as the person they 'know well'. 4. Writing articles. Write interesting articles on professional issues and put them on your website or blog and on tematichemkih forums. 5. Conduct webinars. The fastest way to make his name known in a particular area. Become an expert – and let everyone know about it! 6. Participation in professional get-together. Active participation in conferences, trainings, seminars, discussion forums, blogs, social networks. 7. Mission and brand concept. What is truly important to you – it's your mission, life purpose, able to attract the interest of others. brand building necessary to ensure that your brand is not artificial, but was alive and dynamic. In conclusion I would like to quote Tom Peters, author of the bestselling mirv, management guru: "To become a brand – a vital necessity for anyone who wants to be successful in business. Nobody would dispute the fact that the goods brands easily win in the market for lesser-known brands. The same is true for the person-brand: there will always be those who will be ready at all to buy it. "

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