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Hair Cosmetics

Business plan salon majority notes about hairdressing business in the Russian media suggest that the safest investment – is opening salon middling, $ 30 – 40 thousand dollars. But another view adheres to, for example, the famous stylist Sergey , who believes that only the smallest and the lowly hairdresser never lost. Judging by the fact that said 'Business Journal' Constantine, the owner three small hairdressers in residential areas of Moscow, this is how things are. Why I chose this business? I've always had a strong feeling that at all times, for any system, whether it be capitalism or socialism, we need Certain professions: a builder, a shoemaker, and, of course, a hairdresser – because everyone needs a haircut. Why am I not opened the salon in the heart of Moscow? Leaving aside the question of cash, then open something inside Garden Ring may only attracting customers with income above average. And it is quite difficult. The more high-rise buildings, the greater the need for beauty and hairdressing salons. And the presence in the house next door one more barbershop scare should not. Let's calculate: take a large salon – 15 seats; assume that all barbers are busy – work for 8 hours, spending half an hour to the client (although, in reality, a wholly owned attendance does not happen ever) – one day a salon can serve 240 people, per month – 4800. Now imagine how many people live in the neighborhood and often do occur so fast service? Roughly speaking, barbershop You can open a staircase.

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