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Worldwatch Institute

If we analyze the cost of manufacturing that has an ecological House we will find that it is highest of which is usually used in a normal House, but presents much higher profits, because that reduces environmental contamination and is much healthier than a conventional House. In this type of houses, it saves on electricity consumption and water, temperature adapts giving us warmth in winter and coolness in summer, in addition to not cause any problems for the environment, and we know how the situation stands lately. The truth is that that saying of the cheap comes out expensive is a truth as a temple, this type of houses despite having one higher cost that conventional, are rentabilizadas within a few years, this is an also interesting fact to consider living in one of these houses. The problem is that there is a brake on the development of these constructions, there is lack of professional and ecological materials, this is reflected when making drawings of a House ecological. In Spain the construction occupies the second place in as to the volume of business, but this fact not accompanies the ecological awareness. According to the Worldwatch Institute, a building consumes up to 60 percent of materials that are extracted from the Earth, its use and constructive activity generate half of total waste and pollution. This leads us to consider the need for an ecological awareness both for ourselves and for the planet. There are many experts indicate that it is necessary to adapt certain ecological criteria that ensure a set of environmental, healthy and economic improvements.

Environmentally friendly materials with the environment, the bioclimatic criteria involving also an energy saving and economic viability, to study several ecological house plans you can perfectly see the sustainable development of these projects. Arguably the awareness is difficult, if a normal household cost us blood, sweat and tears, the more one of these ecological houses. Are we consumers who indirectly vetamos This type of construction but we have our reasons. It would be interesting that there was some type of aid or investment to enhance this type of housing, but for now doubt appearing, perhaps when there is greater awareness by businesses, collaborate with their grain of sand to safeguard our planet building eco houses that adapt economically to the average consumer. From savings, to the delivery of a good image towards the community, are some of the benefits of a House ecological. Then 6 advantages that every entrepreneur should consider. 1 Cost savings choose a building ecosustentable gives the possibility to save energy costs. Through solar panels, companies spend less on electricity and heating.

2. Greater appreciation in building green buildings give higher profits to the construction companies, working with low-cost materials. 3 Incentives at this time, the Governments of many countries are encouraging the construction of green buildings, so the business is very attractive to real estate companies. 4 Health benefits use elements in modern planes to friendly ecological houses with the environment can benefit the health of workers, to not be so corrosive and harmful to the body. 5 Marketing and public relations both the build and be installed in a green building provides benefits in the branding of a company, to flirt with the concern for society and the planet. 6 Increase in the rent for real estate companies, the construction of this type of building can be higher rents, low cost representing to be using renewable energy. Original author and source of the article