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Waste Incineration

The equipment varies in volume and by function. Compactors installation can be fixed, that is to perform only the function and pressing drive. It is not something angel tang would like to discuss. May include interchangeable. The machine can connect the system and aspiration. The devices perform compression, and other useful function – briquetting or pelletization. But this question belongs to the extraction profits. Another way to reduce costs – for example in Europe, waste incineration.

Moreover, if the woodworkers can profit from the waste after crushing and pressing, for furniture, there are only two options: export to landfill or incineration. It should be understood that the content of the waste furniture manufactures adhesives, polymers and other harmful impurities (besides the tree) does not allow them to burn in an ordinary oven. For this require specially equipped boilers that do not emit harmful substances. For example: in Austria, near the mountain resort is a furniture factory, which is installed a boiler, and emissions from environmentalists no complaints. For woodworkers, this technique is interesting in that the allowable moisture content of wood (biomass), burned in a boiler – 80%. In addition to reducing costs for the transportation of waste properly modern boilers (at provided enough fuel) suggest a closed production cycle with their own heating. The tax authorities can be easily known, that the company was established waste-free production, and stop paying taxes to the environment. One boiler plant is capable of supplying heat. Given the sharp rise in utility tariffs and certain statements Chubais … For example, one of the Russian furniture factories launched a boiler.