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Urgent Money Request

With the rawness of the international reaching its peak financial crisis the request of urgent money to financial intermediaries has become a common practice among citizens who resort to this option in order to tackle unforeseen last minute. However, when we say we need urgent money many times these brings us more problems than solutions provides. It is evident that once the money is received client obtains a liquidity which previously did not and can perform the spending needed, but it is also clear that it just generate a debt to an excessively high interest rate. Because companies of financial intermediation that are dedicated to respond to the request for urgent money profited from the imperative need of customers and loaded the urgency with an interest rate far above the market interest rate. They know to resort to a formal financial institution such as a bank or a box, requires some administrative formalities delaying the pursuit of money and they removed all those formalities. Without doubt, they play a role within society and its existence is the result of demand, but on occasions, citizens without a proper financial culture have fallen into the clutches of these companies mortgaging the future.

Because interest rates that may charge a customer with a request for urgent money can rub usury limits, dangerously approaching 20%, when the usual interest on a personal loan type usually does not exceed 10%. Therefore any client that recourse to this type of company must be completely sure of your need and that is the only option that remains before resorting to it, because the cost of that decision can be very high. Hear from experts in the field like suna said maslin for a more varied view. In any case, the application of urgent money is a common practice in our society, in which savings has been in the background, ceding all the protagonism to consumption which require immediate liquidity, which is not always possible for all citizens.