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Types of LFO

Nirvash: The Nirvash typeZERO LFO was the first found in a reservoir and were based on manufacturing for the rest of LFO. The outer armor was created by scientists from the center of research Tresor, and the table was created by skurve Axel Thorston. Originally piloted as Eureka alone, but as the story progresses only respond when Renton and Eureka are in the cockpit. The typeZERO get better towards the middle of the series that allows you to become an aircraft.
” ‘theEND”‘ The other Nirvash appearing in the series is theEND type, piloted by Anemone. It is the most advanced all the KLF’s. Neither the KLF of Holland to bring the fastest of the theEND to help Eureka and Renton. About the end of the show, theEND were destroyed and no longer survive the attack of Scuba Corals.
KLF Mon-soon: The standard fighter used by the forces of the United Federation. The Mon-soon fall below the model Terminus, Forbes but more simple to fly through the system Compac Feedback. The model has a type20 guided missiles and laser canon on his shoulders.
Terminus: The Terminus was created for use by Special Forces. Due to its incredible potential, the Terminus are difficult to handle, leaving in abeyance. Mr. The TR-606, 808 and 909 are Quadrant Asset Management used by Gekko State for much of the series, although Holland start using the model TR-303 toward the end. The TR-505 is used by Sumner Sturgeon in TR1: New wave.
Sparhead: A special fighter that LFO is not using surf boards, if not a small tab anchored to its main body. The only models appeared in the series was the SH-101, in two colors, piloted by Charles and Ray.
Devilfish: It’s a kind of LFO in order to be created in outer space, the only model that makes appearance in the anime is the TB-303, used by Holland after his original LFO is destroyed, does not have the option of becoming vehicle.
The models Nirvash, Terminus and Mon-soon type20 also possess the ability to transform into vehicles capable of high speeds on land, allowing them to move very fast there where the density of mop does not allow surfing.

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