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Transport Safety

Spot buildings and transport safety Numerous problems associated with the point of building in recent years greatly alarmed not only the inhabitants of large cities, but virtually all members of the middle and even small towns. How buildings impact point on road safety in general and what are the implications of this negative phenomenon? In connection with what, in major cities especially in autumn-winter period, we have to spend in traffic jams most of the time? What awaits us in the future? Comments on the current situation in Russia's leading expert on road safety issues Yuri Shulipa dot building and Transportation security are closely interconnected and interdependent with each other for many reasons. As we studied the objects they are very versatile, and in practice creates a number of important, contentious and sometimes, if it comes too far, it has unresolved issues that are difficult to discuss within this publication. Due to the significant increase both in size and population density of the city, traffic jams in Moscow became widespread character. Because of the ill-conceived urban policy affects not only urban thoroughfare and the small streets, but increasingly the main largest city highway, designed to relieve the city from possible traffic flows. On this basis, we consider a number of key issues for example Ring Road. In recent years, Moscow Ring Road broke the record for the rest of the city roads on the amount of time spent in traffic jams. It is not just on the very largest metropolitan highway with ten lanes with no traffic lights and technical flaw impeding traffic on a regular basis are formed many kilometers and hours of traffic jams.

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