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Microsoft SQL Server

Probably many of those who have not the first time confronted with a choice host, thought about how to determine the optimal solution for a reasonable price. Why the best? Yes, because in most cases, customers significantly overpaid for the completely unnecessary technology and software, and sometimes vice versa. Let us carefully consider the following situation. You, along with a team of professional Web developers decided to create a large portal on the construction. The business plan is written, the project actively studied with programmers and designers, and, most importantly, you picked a great domain name a miracle is available. Well, not a sin not to register it immediately, and with it, and hosting a portal developed for 1-2 years. The result is that the hosting service you select and sort of good, with several gigabytes of disk space, PHP, NET Framework, HTTPS.

A couple of months, the project has finally been successfully running and configured on the local server is partly due to the beloved 'Denver', and you can carry on servak host. However, in the process of setting up modules it appears that samopisnaya content management system is functioning only under PHP5, and hosting provider can boast only predustavlennoy fourth version. In addition, developed a business plan involves an active advertising campaigns and attendance of six thousand hosts on a day later for 3 months, and pre-paid tariff plan, as it turns out later, has a strict limit of 4 GB of traffic per month. Each gigabyte consumed in excess of the additional cost. Just to make absolutely no chance to become a hostage situation similar to choosing a hosting provider should be taken seriously. Explain truths about how to make a website, we will not. Instead, we analyze at what stage of designing the resource, whether it's a big online store or promotional website, you must create a demand for web hosting provider, and has immediately after the issue is a request to order services. So first, you should assess the extent of future project and at least roughly estimate the amount of required disk space.

For example, in case you design a promotional site, 50-150 MB you will be more than enough when it comes to internet-shop of home appliances with photos of products, as well as the catalog of a thousand items – then two – four gigabytes. Choose the tariff, given that the reserve has always been 20-30% of disk space because you really need. Immediately after the approval of the TOR for the establishment of the site to discuss the technology used by the programmer, to use the database MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, is I use data encryption, SSL (HTTPS), WAP / WML for transactions and payments through a Web interface. Never look at the prices, choose only those commercial hosting and web hosting company, which is no accident serious trust brands. 100% UpTime, and even such a trifle as a completely unlimited traffic you will always be guaranteed.

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Technology Silverlight Creating Business

Silverlight – a new technology of data on the Internet to create websites of different complexity, designed to run on multiple platforms. This technology allows to create attractive websites, working on various internet browsers, handheld devices and personal computers. The main key to the possibilities of technology, Silverlight, is the possibility of data WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) Platform Microsoft. NET Framework 3.0, is XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language). Technology Silverlight – a new step towards the empowerment of the Internet for dizaynerovi and developers who provide information to customers. Designers it provides an opportunity to express creative ideas and keep a job in a form that can also publish on the Internet. Designers could before to create Web pages that provide large capabilities to the user, but the programmers to implement these ideas had to reckon with the limitations of Web-based platforms. The model created by designers of Silverlight any solution remains in the form of XAML.

This XAML – paper then automatically integrated into the web page using the run Silverlight. As a result, a designer and programmer can work on the end result more smoothly than ever before. Creating a business sites with Silverlight. The basis of the new Silverlight technology is an extension module to the browser, which handles the XAML and the resulting image displays in the browser. The boot file is not more than (less than 2 MB), and can installed when a user visits the site with the content created using Silverlight. The module provides a web-developers with access to the functions of XAML-page in JavScript, respectively, it becomes possible interaction with the content at the Internet pages and web-developer can create event handlers, or manipulate the contents XAML-page using the JavScript-code. Website Business Card with Silverlight. Because XAML – it's XML, it is is the text, and does not cause problems with the firewall, is available for viewing, and the most interesting describes different content.

Some technologies – Java, Flash, now widely used in addition to the languages JavScript, CSS, DHTML and extend the interent content pages, but they share one drawback – the data is sent to the browser binary. Such information is almost impossible to test for safety, not to mention the complexity of its Update – to implement any changes required to reinstall the entire application, which is inconvenient for the user. If you change the content of a web page means a new Silverlight XAML-file is created on the server side. At next time you view Internet pages are loading this file, and therefore there is no need to reinstall. Create a busi

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Create a profitable site and visited it’s not tricky if you have money. With money, you can either order the website, or create yourself on a reliable paid hosting, and content can be filled with the exchange of articles, buying unique text, with or without SEO. But to create a website from scratch with no money and, frankly, impossible. It is impossible to immediately create a website with no money in a secure hosting, reliable web hosting since there can be free, and even if reliable, then you need to place unnecessary you or visitors to advertising. Even if you do not upset the pop-up ads, then you upset something else, such as the lack of function of “scripting” languages, that are likely to need, even if “scripting” languages your host supports it, there is another drawback, which will emerge later. Free cheese only comes in a bad hosting. Yet the ability to create good visited the site and making a profit there. But more on that later.

For starters, I recommend finding a site or a book teaching the basics of HTML-the language. Jump around to remember where and why. Still, I would recommend this to be a training site the basics of HTML-the language. After a preliminary study can be found free hosting and start creating your own site. Patterns do not choose otherwise, you’ll have a site like everyone else, but still you do not learn anything. Come in HTML-editor and delete everything.

Now make your repeat VAS design, using information about the basics of HTML-the language. If this source of information – the site, then copy the HTML-code editor, experiment, learn. If you do not interested, do not suffer, throw this thing! But if you are interested, here’s a tip: when you make a website using tables, you will understand why later.

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Website Creation

"We want to make a website '- these calls come to our studio. Requirements at all different, but the clients agree on one thing – they really need a website, but it will look like many are not. It is often said that our competitors already have a website, but we do not – not good, too, want to be represented in the Internet information space. Thus, the main reason why customers want them to have a website: To a – take a good pre- subsequent promotion of a domain name – a good move, especially because with age a domain name is tsennee.Dlya ads – so that people can find information about our products and services in seti.Imidzh. The site – it's cool. We're so advanced, that we have our own website – there are many different services and you can find useful information and answers to frequently asked questions. And many other reasons. In any case, the approach to customers must be an individual and Good work webmaster would be a useful site, the cost of which is recouped in the next month – two.

Thanks to the site can be created to receive commercial gain – to increase sales. Convenient forms of orders allow scripts site to serve a large number of customers at one time, photo portfolio of your articles and the recommendations show professionalism owner of the site and create a good impression on visitors. Many companies already have a website, but they believe that it is not useful. After analyzing, we find out why this happens – perhaps the text on this site is not optimized for search, or use the site is extremely uncomfortable, maybe people do not see the appeal buy goods or use the service. In the end, it may be overpriced. There are special measures to increase conversion of visitors into customers. It is important to remember that your site is always working – day and night.

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