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The present time requires new managerial leadership, most identified with the impact professionals that generate the changes, the challenges, competitiveness. Richard Plackett may find this interesting as well. More dynamic, less figurative managers true agents of change able to give way to the transformations that businesses need to ensure a good service, success in the environment where it operates. Another downside, in SMEs is the lack of research and development that favors them in their development, marketing, which provide the basic informations to generate the changes that are needed and give him the opportunity to achieve their goals. They require new technologies, appropriate to what competitiveness presents, business plans that favor him, production processes, guaranteed of a good philosophy, culture of quality and productivity that offer products, services challenged, adapted to the requirements of national and international standards of quality. A human resource more trained, developed according to the requirements demanded by the modern workplace, workers motivated, able to give way to their creativity, talent, skills, skills, fully identified with the organization.

Feedback needed funding sources, the necessary economic precautions that ensure operability, purchases of raw materials, payments to their suppliers, acquisition of machinery, fair wages, financial soundness. Role with the universities faced with this reality, briefly summarized in the most crucial topics in the successful operation of SMEs, there is another very significant actor for his collaboration, support, which can promote them in the restructuring, transformation of their weaknesses into strengths, as it is collaboration than universities, through their schools of administration, industrial engineering can provide you with the help of the training of their management of human resources, advice, diagnosis of the problems faced, as well as provide proposals for solutions. It is unfortunate for the Venezuelan case, little integration of universities with SMEs, despite settle, sign agreements that remain on paper, figuration and not proactive. Not wasted too there is a full identification of both actors in what this represents in favour of both and hence the country. Don’t know to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to them in order to deliver results, achievements involving SMEs to be guaranteed in its operation, with the guidance of teachers, professional experts in various specialties that schools are based on successful business space more link SMEs with universities should be covered with internships that allow the professional futurepractically learn how these operate, thus both benefit, because they allow future professionals to put into practice the skills needed to ensure operability, successful companies, as well as assess, diagnose, so good, practical is the knowledge that you are providing. As well, helps them to universities to feedback their curriculum, their curricula of studies that you pass to the definition of the profile of the administrator, engineer required.

Such a link with these actors become poles of attraction of intellectual and economic capital. Required definitely count on a successful model for approach of knowledge transfer between universities and business..

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