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Suburban Residential Property

And we are talking about completely different in function and quality characteristics of objects: projects focused on permanent residence, but in formats that involve the purchase more affordable budget – townhouses and apartments in low-rise residential complexes. Significantly increased the proportion of Moscow residents belonging to the upper middle class and who wish to live in a more environmentally friendly and less densely populated suburbs and not in the city, but the option of a cottage for them is not yet available. Residential Real Estate in the format townhouse and an apartment in a suburban apartment complex is a suburban alternative to the traditional format – cottage for the price and are of interest over a broad section of potential buyers. Launch of Real Estate offers a similar format allows you to reach this target audience, which is certainly much more so than than the target audience of cottage settlements. This is confirmed by the high dynamics of sales. At the same time, areas of low-rise buildings (3-7 floors) have a much smaller human-induced pressures – The population density in these areas is lower than in urban areas, which suggests a more comfortable environment and a high consumer characteristics of these areas. However, the development of this segment sensitive to processes associated with the development of transport infrastructure and the displacement of the concentration of business activity from the center of Moscow to the periphery, in other words, the dynamics of new projects will depend the dynamics of the construction of new roads, interchanges, public transport lines and the construction of business parks on the outskirts of Moscow.

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