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DNA Intelligence

The paradigm mechanistic to leave out the eye of contemplation lost sensitivity and respect for life. The eye of the flesh and the eye of reason do not have the capacity of profound vision of reality. Only spirituality can lead us to a higher level of understanding of the environment, the level of love that connects everything with everything, aware of our home care: the planet. The love of nature and spirituality have always gone hand in hand and it is the spiritual intelligence the only one who can fully understand the environmental problem. It is an experience liberating, transpersonal, transnational and transconvencional.

No myths, authorities, dogmas fit theologies, legalities, etc. It is an experience of the real, is a process of development of consciousness. The transmodernity comes to respond with spiritual intelligence to the material, social and spiritual, which are the three major dilemmas that mankind has faced. It is the era of integrity. Spiritual intelligence is the path of dialogue, peace and reconciliation between human beings and between human beings and the kosmos.

It is an ability to understand our essence that frees us from suffering purifying the mind and promote wisdom, compassion and love. Spiritual intelligence is the most important since it allows us to solve problems of meaning and values that keeps United to human beings, is a spring which must irrigate the fields so they flourish. Spiritual intelligence allows humans balance materials, professional, emotional, social and spiritual purposes for their proper development. Spiritual intelligence is based on several spiritual principles on human beings and the kosmos that inhabits. These principles are what is called the DNA of the spiritual intelligence since they allow us to understand its nature and operation. Its Foundation is the perennial philosophy. Spiritual intelligence can develop and this requires holistic practice. The practice of mindfulness, of quiet discernment of selfconsciousness of what is.

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