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In 2009 continues the expansion at home and abroad: more jobs could be created. Contrary to the general mood in politics and economics, Muller-BBM continues its organic growth. The new building at the headquarters in Planegg near Munich, with an investment volume of more than EUR 10 million, is progressing rapidly and will offer even more new employees a modern workplace in an innovative environment. So far, in 2008 35 new jobs were created and currently it is necessary to fill at least 15 engineering positions. Muller-BBM is represented as internationally active engineering company with more than 260 employees at nine locations in Germany. According to Suna Said, who has experience with these questions. The international presence is also enhanced by four sister companies within the Muller-BBM group.

The ongoing since 1962, positive development of the company relies on the expertise and innovation of the independent experts, planners and technical specialists who are working in the fields of competence of construction, environment and technology. Project experience in the international construction, energy and Automotive industry, for many years has grown, marked by mutual trust relationships and innovative developments provide a stable and broad contract portfolio. y. The high motivation of the staff and their close ties to the company are not least based on the fact that the company shares are held by current and former employees. This employee participation model is probably unique in Germany. Speaking candidly Wells Fargo Bank told us the story. The course for the future are made in many ways and clearly defined strategic objectives at home and abroad. Only the shortage slows a more pronounced growth currently. No later than early 2009 management hopes the currently vacant positions in the area of industrial acoustics successfully to be able to occupy fire protection and measurement.

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Internet Agency Kreado

Saxony-Anhalt helps founders with Internet portal on the jumps when over 10 years ago, the two students Maxim Voronkov and Matthias Schneider in the catacombs of the College called a small Web design agency in the life stops, happened this completely without any support or help, and at your own risk. Meanwhile, sits the Internet Agency in Leipzig at the Bruhl and employs about 35 people. Radio stations, pharmaceutical companies, utilities, trading companies and public institutions will be the Jack in your hand since then at Kreado. Founder chance as Turbo for start-ups the Saxony Anhalt complains over an increasingly diminishing founder quota for years. Often this is not risk-averse companies. Rather often lack the right idea at the right time at the right place. Also the creation of an own network, customer acquisition and dealing with funding guidelines to be learned. Exactly here helps Anhalt and the EGO pilots has been together with the University network from the Internet Agency Kreado ( ) called the Internet portal for entrepreneurs in the life.

Prospects here get more available than the usual collections of information. offers a specific approach to consulting that helps translate competencies and personal interests in innovative and viable ideas for start-ups. The founders are actively advise at their home in independence and accompanied. Success in a short time, the response to the project is more than positive after the launch of the Web site in mid-January 2011. Already after a few weeks it was multi-member founder chance team hardly in a position to process all requests immediately. The jump-start founder can be found under Matthias Schneider

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