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You want the answers? Well, here they are: the Presidencies”comes from the field of sport dog in the past that needed not even well trained service dogs because it simply is a meaningless thing. “In the sport the presidencies came first”, to keep the dog’s attention to them then to the dog handlers around the foot “to bring. It is a pure obedience exercise, no more and no less. In the end, that should show only your dominance and subordinate to the dog. A good dog man has not needed! The foot”is also from the dog area. There that makes sense, because it is very dangerous for the dog in the defence, if he runs too far ahead or behind the dog. Hyundai has much experience in this field.

(It may be that the dog handler must turn quickly, then the dog has to react immediately. The dog that runs in this situation too far ahead or behind the dog handler, not just in time notice the rotation and may fall into the field of fire. For the Otto-normal-dog”, this makes foot” after textbook at all no Sense, a foot”, where the dog stays close when the dog people, can be very useful in the tumult of a city. There is however no sign of attention if the dog continually look at the people. But try to look at a much larger people half an hour in the eyes, while you go next to him you get neck rigidity you’re not aware that’s why but still long. “” The square”or down” is also an exercise in the field of service dog, there that makes sense, so that the dog will not be in the field of fire or as a switch-off command “, to protect a the bandits and the aggression of the dog in an attack back to screw”. In sports, it’s pure carcass obedience here again and again to the dominance.

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