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Good Luck Managers

I have listened to many managers designate responsibility for the current situation of their enterprises to the environment socio-economic that surrounds them, thus getting rid of all direct involvement on negative results that they may have. Referring sometimes to bad luck that have had and the good fortune that others have is that they justify not desired results in their organizations. The drop in sales, not having suitable staff, taxes rising, the entry of new competitors, the output of major vendors, technology change, change in the preferences of the consumer, to the level of requirement of the customer, among others, are factors that can directly harm results business and managers tend to which be called bad luck. Among these, there is a smaller group of managers who can claim that a large part of the success or failure of an organization is linked to a stroke of good luck that may or may not have during their business management. From the above, it should be reflect and ask ourselves: or really successful organizations and managers are constantly getting strokes of luck, in a way that allows them to keep up? or are they really so lucky be always receiving positive random shocks?. I think that any affirmative responses to the questions above would sound very little credibility. And it is for so, it is not that successful organizations managers are people who receive good luck blows constantly, rather by hazards of life, themselves are those who generate such good luck, they are not sitting waiting to see that positive happens them. They are constantly looking for and taking advantage of new opportunities, to innovate, and bearing in mind especially that not everything is good now, it will be tomorrow, so change and adaptation must be continuous. The managerial recipe today may be good for today, but it is very likely that tomorrow no longer functioning, and finally, good luck there is no random, self generates it with their previous actions.

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