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Thank you for your confidence in selecting services "Motor-Taxi." To become an owner license subscription card, it is necessary to use the services of "Motor-Taxi" and become a member rewards program. After receiving the subscription card 'Motor Club', you will receive discounts on services rendered, our business partners. Every last Thursday of the month, "Motor-Taxi" Party in conducting artklube 'SHELTER', to the holder of the subscription cards "Motor-Taxi" (admission free) will get more information on this site "Motor-Taxi", knowing how and where you go, the manager can calculate the cost of travel and speak at once. No more, while on holiday in a disco, a cafe, bar, restaurant, secret pocket in debug money for a taxi, in order to get home late at night and it had the deferred money. Fares, told the dispatcher and the driver sounded after the passage may be different only in the event that during the trip you want to stop and buy your girlfriend a chocolate, flowers, make a family home purchases. This period is called – downtime. Paid according to a simple current tariffs.

But again – do not forget that each machine from the company "Motor-Taxi" set taximeter, which produces a paper receipt, which indicates the idle time and mileage. In this case, the payment is made in accordance with the amount specified in the check. Payment is strictly by the meter (taximeter). With our company you can afford more comfort. We work for you around the clock, providing taxi services. Just call us and zakazyvayte.Tarif Price (UAH) Information "minimum" 10 UAH.

A trip to 3km. The "standard" 1.75 UAH. Travel 3 miles. – 10grn., Each successive 1.75 km. "Circular" 1,5 UAH. hutdown/’>Harold Ford Jr. Travel 3 miles. – 10grn., Each subsequent 1.5 km. Note: Tariff "Round" – landing at the "A" – landing at the "A", ie travel in a circle. "Intercity" 2 UAH. Travel 3 miles. – 10grn., Each successive 2km. "Tug" 2.65 UAH. Travel 3 miles. – 10grn., Each successive 2.65 km. Note: tow car loading of non-standard, oversized cargo. Filing car for FREE! * Prices for corporate clients (legal entity) shall be specified separately. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, rain or shine. * Feed vehicle shall be charged to the customer, in the case of a taxi in suburban towns, villages, town and cities. The cost of filing said controller when receiving the order.

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