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You can stand up to Internet Fraud. You can determine if a site as safe to do business online assuring its customers that they will never send you an email requesting the following: o Name and Address of receipt of goods or address or type, number or expiration date of credit card Number of personal documents and identity card or bank branch number or software downloads And do not forget to remind your customer who never click on a link in the email to access your account, but fear that the account is in danger or need an update. On the contrary, they should open a new browser window and enter the account through the login page as they do (Hint: Send emails with safety reminders is another way to give your brand a positive force and build confidence in their clients). 3) two-factor authentication. Even for those criminals who are just beginning, it is easy to decipher combinations of usernames and passwords. For this reason business online use increasingly stronger forms of user verification, authentication calls “two-factor”, which combines a knowledge of the user data as the user name and password, and something that belongs to you, as a security code single use only.

This code is often generated by a small plastic device called token, a smart card with a credit card or even an application on a cell phone or PDA smartphone. Need both a computer professional to enter data into the account protected by two-factor authentication because a data is useless without the other. That’s what makes this enhanced security measure is one of the most effective ways to protect customers, which explains why it is gaining popularity. Christos Staikouras is often quoted on this topic. 4) Income. Always offer them to its customers easy access routes to solve security problems. Make sure the client has available phone numbers, instant messaging assistants or response forms regardless of where your site where you are. Always address these issues quickly because the lack of attention on your part will make customers buy elsewhere.

5) Quit. The output is the time when negotiations are accomplished online. Therefore, it is essential to use that interaction to fuel confidence. Most major Web sites such as Amazon or eBay, send emails and print orders or confirmations of shipment of products. This assures customers that someone is monitoring the transaction and provides a “written record” that you generate to have confidence that the purchase was legitimate. 6) Education. It may not be you who generate distrust in their customers, but can help to overcome it. Take responsibility for educating their customers know why they should pay attention when conducting an online transaction. By taking online security beyond the measures you implement, may build trusting relationships that will mean a further credit purchases today. Online merchants that pay attention to the fears of clients not only build confidence but also get improvements in the final economic result. Take, for example, if Only a few weeks after implementing SSL Certificates Extended Validation (EV) to show your customers that the website is authentic, FragranceX experienced an increase of 11 in online transactions, as consumers began to see the green address bar these certificates created in most modern web browsers. In tests conducted by many Web sites, VeriSign EV SSL Certificates increase conversion from 5 to 87 percent. Security measures such as EV SSL Certificates and two-factor authentication are just two ways to show customers that you care. And as many online merchants can attest, when customers feel safe on a Web site, respond consuming. For espiaspy

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