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The rent with purchase option is a contract in which a part, promitente, are commited to sell something to another one, optante, if this one decides to buy. In the option it must consist the price of the future transaction and the term of time that the beneficiary must to exercise his right of purchase. It can be an independent contract or to be agreed like a part of another contract (for example, of renting).

– It is possible to be registered in the Registry of the Property so that he is indispensable to +. Next an example of option of purchase decided like one more a clause within a renting contract is included. The possibilities are limitless, following the will of the parts. ” Twelfth. – A right of purchase option is constituted in favor of the renter on the rented house. The price of the house pays attention to the amount of one hundred eighty thousand Euros. If the renter exercises this right, the landlord will make delivery of the free house of loads and burdens.

The option right will expire both to years from the date of this document. The resolution of the contract of renting before that date it will imply the lapsing of the option right. The option right will rise to public writing within a month from the date of this document for its inscription in the Registry of the Property. The expenses that originate this writing and its later inscription will be of account of the renter. In case of exercising the option it will be formalized the sale. The expenses that originate will distribute according to arranges the Civil.” Code;. Original author and source of the article.

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