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AMS Software

Wedding – probably the most memorable and important day in the life of any person. As a rule, the impressions of the event remain forever in the memory. Therefore it is necessary to take care of wedding photos. Most couples are dreaming that the wedding pictures were the most beautiful and original. However, do not always have the opportunity to appeal to the photographer and order professional photography. Colorful wedding issue pictures you can own, preparing a bright collage of wedding photos.

This will require your wedding pictures and high-quality editor for creating collages. For example, the software Photo Collage by AMS Software – is a convenient and a simple program that will allow you to make a collage of wedding in just a few minutes. The product contains a set of ready-made design templates wedding collages, and also allows you to choose your own original design. To make a collage, add a wedding photo, use a decorative frame and mask design. Originality of your compositions will add a stylish clipart from the section 'Romance'. This will add collage expression, as well as highlight the special festive mood. You can make a wedding photo collage of retro style. For this program Photocollage equipped with special filters for photo processing.

Picking up appropriate background and appearance, you have to prepare a great wedding collage of old-style. This collage will be a poignant addition to your photo album and will call the special notes of nostalgia when you view it. Program Photo Collage makes it possible to transform the ordinary wedding photos into beautiful paintings, where you become the heroes of a wonderful fairy tale or an exciting love story. To do this, just need to select a picturesque backdrop and 'Move' event at the clearing with a fabulous set of beautiful flowers, or perhaps on a deserted island. Add original titles and titles that give a special collage completeness and perfection. Wedding collage to draw such a way as to always have the desire to look at it again and again. Beautiful and expressive composition of the photos will always return you to the very bright and happy day of your marriage. Finished collage can be enclosed in a nice frame and put in a prominent place so that you will never forget the wonderful moments of a wedding celebration.

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