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Time Change

As for color, it can be neutral, olive, golden. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Robert Kiyosaki has to say. For neutral skin suit and warm and cold colors, to olive – cold and neutral. To pick up the golden skin of warm colors of hair. When choosing colors should also take into account the time for which you want to change hair color. If a long time – you can not do without a long persistent dye action. Staining the colors – a rather complicated procedure, it would be better if you make her a professional. Hair color, and especially their lighting – a serious test for the hair.

To be less damaging to hair, try to brighten only the tips of hair dye or hair strands. If you want to change the color of hair on time, use temporary colors (they tend to stick to the hair before the first wash) or paints short duration of action. By the time include a variety of colors mascara, hair coloring shampoos, conditioners, hair coloring as well as some foams and gels. They affect only the hair surface. Non-durable dyes do not produce significant changes in the hair and therefore less harmful to the hair than the resistant paint. You can often change hair color, experimenting, without messing up your hair.

If you want to change hair color on time, use the coloring creams, foams and balms. Such funds do not contain hydrogen peroxide. Unfortunately, these tools can not be color gray or lighten hair. Tint liquid, foam or balm can only hide for a while gray strands and add brightness and saturation of the natural tone a bit to change it. Non-durable dyes do not produce significant changes in the hair and therefore less harmful Hair resistant than paint. You can often change hair color, experimenting, without messing up your hair. Dyed hair require careful care and treatment to restore their structure. Experiment and do not be afraid change! Our online store will help you, we represent a wide range of professional hair colors at affordable prices. Source of the article paints, hair primenenieya

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The Venezuelan management before the reality of the behavior of the present turbulent scene of the country, must to enable better to its human resource, to prepare it for the changes that occur, to provide the necessary support for profits, stability, to support the actions of transformation to which the changes cause, security in its work, in the objectives to be obtained, cooperation and support of the leadership and guarantee of integrated, cohesive, participating work parties. A autoconociomiento of the organization, the variables that can affect their members and of the balance is due to have who must guarantee who have the roll to direct to the organization. Conclusions It is valid what on the matter Red Odalis thinks, the Organizational climate determines the form in that an individual perceives its work, its performance, productivity and satisfaction. The models of climate study of the organizations raise to us that it exists a relation between organizational climate and productivity of the organization who is taken into account, that the leaders play a key role in the success of the business, because not only they are responsible to plot the course, but also of yield and to assure the conditions for a good climate in the company. Often although the organization as much offers excellent benefits in the economic thing, as in the social thing, people end up breaking contact itself by a bad relation with her leaders. Studies demonstrate that people tend to commit themselves more with the leaders than with the company; it is for that reason that one of the main dimensions evaluated in a organizational climate study, must be the leadership.

The Venezuelan management is necessary identifies more with the reach, contributions that the studies of the organizational climate cause for plans, strategies. Changes necessary to take passage to organizational good behavior in favor of the survival, operativity of the companies. The Program of Postgraduate of Phases in the specialty Management of the Quality and productivity of the University of Carabobo through its chair of organizational behavior, this abierto to the SMEs to contribute support to him, suggestions, proposals that can provide solution to him to the problems that affect their behavior organizational. Original author and source of the article.

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