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Diving School

Diving – quite a young sport that is gradually entering into vogue in our country. Despite the relatively high cost of diving, scuba diving is growing in popularity, largely due to sound policies Russian diving centers, diving clubs and a variety of diving schools. Diving became a family and leisure activity and sport. Children's diving with a good diving instructors will be a good hobby for your kids, not only useful but fun. Scuba diving allows you to look at the colorful depths of the sea. Our Diving School is constantly working with clients who want to join the diving, learn what diving closer. Russell Reynolds will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Therefore, we continually develop the diving events for our students to minimize their costs of diving and diving equipment. Company 'Equator Dive' for many years provides tours for diving enthusiasts. Tours are conducted in the most interesting parts of our planet. You can explore the coral bottom of the Red Sea, the fascinating underwater world Mkronezii and much more. For those who do not have to even swim under water and still can not imagine that a water pressure of 10-20 meters, we hold training courses divers. Our courses are designed for both experienced divers, and for the very beginners, who have so far only a dream. It is not something Hyundai would like to discuss.

Beginners will be able to listen to the theoretical course, conduct lessons in the pool, training in open water, get the original certificate of divers and dive card. After a certain number of dives you climb to the next level, where you can dive to a depth of 20 meters with a partner the same level or higher over the world! With prices of courses, tours and other services can be found on our website. And in conclusion – comprehend the unknown! Good luck. Company 'Equator Dive' Production fins – as a fact, the only thing we have been engaged for more than 20 years. With tens of thousands of satisfied customers and two prizes for the most significant developments in the industry, we can confidently say that we have become innovators in the design domain with our revolutionary development of Force Fin. We first applied the new colors, an elongated section to the heel, the front edge, samonapravlenie flow, elasticity material, and began to use polyurethane. By studying the ways of movement of marine animals and human biomechanics, we have developed fins, based on the laws of nature and physics – not forgetting common sense. Has it ever happened, that after dip your aching feet and rubbed blisters appear? Have you ever cut a dive because of cramps? Come if your fins into disrepair in one year? Have you been forced to carry a sverhogromnuyu bag especially for your big flippers? Did you accidentally brushed flippers reef or even his running mate? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then read this article to learn the truth on the fins.

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