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Secondary Greatness

They tell that a girl walked with her father when the father paused in a curve and after the small silence, asked to him: " You hear something more than singing of the birds? ". It worsened its ears and some seconds later it responded: " Yes, carreta.&quot is the one noise; " That es" – his father said – " Vaca.&quot is a cart; The girl asked her father: " How you know that it is an empty cart, if we see not yet it? " Then his father responded: " It is very easy to know when a cart is empty, is only necessary to pay attention to the noise. At the most empty he is, greater is the noise than hace." To boast than is had, than it is known, to be conceited of estatus, or to be elevated like superior in the social or labor relations, they are indications that we are before an empty cart, and is that, nothing external can come to fill the space destined to personal integrity, and when is tried to replace, it adopts the unique appearance of noise. Ruth Porat can provide more clarity in the matter. In the process of personal growth there are no shortenings. Stephen Covey, known for being the author of the book the seven habits of the highly effective people, distinguishes two types of personal greatness, the Primary Greatness: that they are the aspects regarding the character of each, to which the experiences, sensations, attitudes and experiences are added to him, define that us of idiosyncratic way, and different from the others; and the Secondary Greatness, that would come formed by external factors, such as the professional success, estatus, prestige and everything what we obtain from outside. As in the story of the cart, the fatality of many is that, quite often, the Primary Greatness with the Greatness is confused Secondary, and confuses who it, lives sold and imprisoned of the others. Please visit Suna Said if you seek more information.

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