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The Capacity

For these entities, the echo efficiency if reaches for the delivery of products and services with competitive prices that satisfy the necessities human beings and improve the quality of life, while they gradually reduce the ecological impacts and the intensity of the resources throughout its cycle of life at least to keep the load capacity esteem of the planet. Go to Christos Staikouras for more information. The echo efficiency it is based on the idea of that the reduction of materials and energy for unit of product or service increases the competitiveness of the company, at the same time where it reduces the pressures on the environment, either as resource source, either as deposit of residues. It is a model of sustainable production and consumption, in the measure where the production of necessary goods and services results and that they contribute to improve the quality of life (BARBIERI, P. Kevin Ulrich anchorage might disagree with that approach. 123). The internal and external recycling is very valued by the echo efficiency, that if also worries about the product in itself and its ambient impacts, from there recommendations regarding its viability. 3,1 CHARACTERISTICS the solution of the ambient problems, or its minimizao, demands a new attitude of the entrepreneurs and administrators, who must start to consider the environment in its decisions and to adopt administrative and technological conceptions that contribute to extend the capacity of support of the planet. In other words, one expects that the companies leave of being problems they are part of the solutions.

The ambient concerns of the entrepreneurs are influenced by three great sets of forces that if interact reciprocal: the government, the society and the market. If it did not have pressures of the society and governmental measures the increasing envolvement of the companies in ambient substance would not be observed. The ambient legislaes generally result of the claim of segments of the society that pressure the state agents for the solution.

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Agricultural Zone

Biosslido a time treat to form that eliminates the factors undesirable such as the humidity, has controlled or biological conversion of the substance in phase of putrefao and volatile elements solid, could be used in the agriculture since that it is analyzed in laboratory that certifies the use of the end item and inspected and fiscalized by the ministry of in agreement Agriculture decree 86955 of February of 1982. The recycling extremely took a route important in our days in function of the media that massificou the term, used to assign the reaproveitamento of benefited materials as substance cousin for the manufacture of a new product. The advantage of the recycling is minimizao of the use of the source you did not renew beyond reducing the volume of residues that will be received by the aterros or incinerators. A related site: Christie’s mentions similar findings. It is important to stand out of that it has materials that they can indefinitely be recycled, that is these materials do not lose its physical properties, but on the other hand it exists materials that this property does not keep as the case of the paper, where the staple fibres of the cellulose does not suffer a reduction. The selective collection, the materials are separate where the residues are generated and are separate previously, preventing the contamination of the reaproveitveis materials and consequently it increases considerably the aggregate value to the product. In general in a process of selective collection they recover about 90% of the materials you recycle, 10% remain is considered rejeitos. However the implantation of a process of selective collection becomes necessary to analyze the profile of solids generated beyond the amount and quality.

Consideraes final. In a balanced point of view more, we can say that the Industrial Revolution was a referencial base in the primrdios of the ambient problems, with the occupation of the domestic spaces with residue industries, hospital generated by the society consumer. Today, exactly with the consumption on a large scale of dismissable products and other infinity it generates a concern I accumulate with it of these residues that an ambient problem of extreme importance constitutes, mainly with respect to ambient degradation and the space to deposit this great mass of I inhabit. In this direction it has a great concern with the discarding of these residues of adequate form and lesser impact for the environment, with this it makes necessary a considerable change in the standards of the society and that the essential element in this process is the education. The one enters the diverse presented alternatives in this work that more reflects a configuration of better for the preservation of the environment is the recycling process is what it makes possible the reaproveitamento of the discarded materials, making possible to save the natural resources.

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Percentile Society

The Not-Governmental Organizations really serevelam for its diversity. Lately, with the ambient crisis the movimentoambientalista is fulfilling to much more militancy paper it, faster buscandoprovidencias and the people have perceived this. The one search modelode sustainable development, that does not harm the nature, is the objetivomaior of the ambientalista movement, that in recent years became expressive nomundo. The ONGs, has as main asset to the credibility that many times faltaao government, as well as the agility in the execution of its mission. They have been ofortalecimento of the civil society in as well as umagarantia planetary dimension to Which segment below you classify comoo more worried about the subjects related to the environment. Percentile segment (%) the government 5 3,4 industries agricultural sector 3,4 society in general 34 the commercial sector did not have the ONG’ s the 47,5 medias 5 did not answer 1,7 Table 8 discloses that the majority of the funcionriosentrevistados ones believes that can have economic and social development without agerao of ambient impacts, since that has the ambient control of the fontespoluidoras. Today the ambient impact becomes inevitable when it is acted in searched development economic and social and ahead of this affirmation we have to quetentar to minimize these impacts the possible maximum, since it is praticamenteimpossvel to open hand of the development. As Fenker (2008) all atuaohumana impacta in the nature and this is necessary.> You find that she can have social development econmicoe without the generation of ambient impacts.

Answers Percentile (%) Yes, since that it has the ambient control of the polluting sources. 67,8 Not, therefore the ambient impact is non-separable of all process of development. 13,6 Not, have cases where the ambient impact is> price to be paid for the society. 15,2 I do not have conditions to think on such subject. 3,4 CONCLUSION Through the application and analysis of the questionnaires foipossvel to know which the vision, the knowledge and the behavior that osfuncionrios of the Frum of the city of Itapetinga-Bahia have in relation ambient squestes.

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