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Having bad odor in the mouth is a problem that affects a great number of people, one of the scenarios is to have it when we got up, since there is no saliva production overnight and therefore generates a bad breath. Bad odor in the mouth is also due to other factors as not having good oral hygiene, not brushing your teeth after every meal, consume alcohol or cigarette, by a respiratory or intestinal disease, among other aspects that will cause this problem affecting both the society. People who suffer from bad odor in the mouth usually not open lips, do not speak, and when they do they try not to expel much air, not interacting with people, they are shy, withdrawn, insecure and sad. Because not to sit with the fullness of creating personal relationships for fear of being rejected or make them a comment offensive and burlesque, also it affects have a girlfriend, they are not capable of kissing them to fullness, fearing to disturb another person. In the worst cases have bad odor in the mouth can generate Depression where are not going to accept as they are and their physical appearance will change to neglect your health. Note that everything in life has a solution and therefore you should fret you not depress you, because there are treatments that will eliminate bad odors in the mouth and be able to look like a healthy and natural person present.

Myths and realities of the odor in the mouth usually people pose on bad breath causes, treatments and solutions for what we see many pages and magazines that talk about topic, but many of these are not true or are not appropriate, so will appoints you some myths and truths about this topic: it is not true that it is hereditary or at least up to now not been proven scientifically. Dentures is not a myth, these if produce bad breath or bad odor in the mouth because the bacteria that occur in the cavities of the same. It is a myth that the gum, the halls, the mints and the products to freshen the mouth are treatments to combat this clinical diagnosis. Brushing your mouth excessively is not the solution, since This will cause more dryness. Consuming water prevents bad breath, it is a reality, since it prevents that there is dryness in the mouth, usually causes bad breath.

It is true that the cigarette and alcohol increase the odor in the mouth. Recommendations for odor in the mouth keep in mind regularly attend the dentist that carry out you a cleaning and remove tartar and bacterial plaque that occurs in the mouth. Use a proper oral cleaning washing you teeth after every meal, using dental floss to remove food that is embedded in the teeth. How I also recommend not smoking, not consuming alcohol, caffeine and products which contain acids that they can cause intestinal diseases and lungs, these can become to produce bad odor in the mouth. In this vein, there are many treatments to achieve look beautiful and healthy smile and not having to hide our beauty look quiet and withdrawn for fear that we reject the bad smell in the mouth. Visit my blog and the full article at the following link > Mal-olor – in-the-mouth improving oral health Dr. Heliana Cova, dentist & orthodontist here remove the bad breath will get a free report to improve your oral health and learn to how to remove bad breath

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