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The Case

We have a country where the self-criticism is a dirty word, where it matters most humiliate the opponent think objectively without any starting shirt. Where the Government uses the money of people to cover the expenses of their partisan bickering. A Congress where members vote in view of his political party and not of his reasoning. Do can it be that a national law, with what that means, be voted on positively by a party and negatively by the other? I.e. who are interested most defend their political flag as the flag of the people, that reasoning and thinking to convey to society the norm that they create more fair.

b we have a democracy truly?/ b There are positives of democracy, as they are their values. It won’t be the system in which more is can take advantage of their citizens, but in which, in moments of discussion, most listened voice will be that of their majority. Not guaranteeing quality but if quantity, and when it comes to criticize the mistakes should be what people mostly, which does not happen. The self-criticism Word does not exist in democratic countries, or exists but is weakened by the fights between parties. To broaden your perception, visit Doyle’s. The blame always have the corrupt rulers, but these from where do they go?, who chooses them? At 21 years old I have of life never listen to say to the people: we have the blame. A country where reaching the power must have great financial backing, because while the advertisements do not guarantee you nothing, if they do in foreign policy to citizens and let themselves be carried away by the exclamation or striking. Clear example is the case of Francisco de Narvaez, that by having a nice comic character in view of citizens on a television program, influenced substantially when it comes to their vote.

Then we have a society largely its weak, manageable, product of ignorance many times and others don’t. We have a country where if you’re not Peronist or radical can not get to power, where is the democracy there? We have a violation of the principles of temporality, of renewal. Presidents perpetuated in power on the grounds that if the majority so decides, to do so is not the case, should not be so extremist, so closed ignore this control by a foundation disrupts and selfish in your party. If so democratic sos, you should allow the voice to other groups constantly and not think that absolute truth lies only in you. How democratic is simply the name, which happens to be a mere instrument to win votes, it is the same with the Constitution. The magna carta, the sacred text, the democratic Bible where fall all values and corresponding garantiias General, objective, for all citizens who make up the country, cynically are modified by the current Government to cover its own interests, individual and subjective.

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