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Veterinary Science

To paraphrase his article on the origins and meaning of the monument, says that having Gomez started agribusiness, livestock ordered the original then. According to john hume, who has experience with these questions. The Maracay Lactuario was one of the first signs of this process, it was not easy, since the improved landrace went through many vicissitudes. Filed under: patrick dwyer newedge. Creole bulls had learned, through natural selection to live in the hot and harsh plains of our land but the "musius", despite the care they received their birth and the changes that took place in the rustic cowboy to conform with Worthy new desires, they died for the same reason that decimated also part of the people of that time, little knowing of pests and diseases: the rattlesnake. It is known that the gift came from France, sent by the grandson of General Gomez, Marcos Santana, who was commissioned for the purchase of cattle in that country, and seeking to encourage the spirit of his grandfather, engaged in the livestock development in the region, I ordered the bronze figure with the inscription: General, it is not dying. This impulse led him to seek experts in animal health in Europe and the Southern Cone, and years later, opening schools of Veterinary Science, Central University Venezuela in Maracay. Taurine was not then the reason for this, but for years it was thought so, thanks to our "French." For the mispronunciation of the name of the sculptor, the bull was attributed to Mariano Benlliure, a Spanish sculptor lover of bullfighting, and thanks to the fiery passion that wrapped the city taurine with identical Maestranza in Seville, was easy to extend the species. Don Alberto has the most knowledgeable of both examine the work began to doubt and that the aesthetics of what appeared on the stand did not correspond to a bull until after a thorough review saw the man Bonheur.

Avendano admits that he knew nothing of that name in London until after seeing a wonderful painter who portrays a horse market, wanted to know the name of the author and told Marie Rosalie Bonheur, a leading French painter and sculptor, born in Bordeaux in 1922. The chronicler refers to him then the responsibility, but was actually his brother, Isidore, a renowned bronze sculptor of animals, who did it. Next to Tiger Tiger and bulls fill the imagination of the inhabitants of Maracay, which was the native name for the cat. Basketball and baseball teams, tracks statues and the memory of having been the capital of Venezuela, Aragua gives the capital, that air of peace and tranquility to the challenges of the future, including who saw in a moment to declare it his official residence, topping the importance of the institution, historical crossroads. Jeanfreddy Gutierrez – journalism student and blogger – 29 years – Maracay, Venezuela Source:.

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