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Tag: contextual advertising

Bette Price

The sales letters are the most personalized direct mail advertising. Regardless of the quality, brochures and flyers are usually impersonal and could end up in the trash as junk mail. By contrast, a sales letter can address each customer by mentioning their name and particular needs. It has been placed in an advantageous position. The best strategy is to deliver solutions that directly target the problems and challenges of its clients, whether we are talking about client and business to business to business. In the composition of the perfect sales letter, use these eleven tips obtained from several coaches, trainers and experts from sales: 1. Create trust. Besides revealing the customer benefit at the beginning of the letter, may increase your interest with reviews prominent partners or former clients.

2. State the facts, fast. According to Daryl Logullo, instructor sales, "before reaching the second paragraph, should be established and proved the credibility that it deserves." This is the time to explain who he is, why it is so good at what he does (or smart, cheap, special, useful) and what it offers. The way you present this information depend on the products and to whom it is addressed. Here are some options: Present a case study. Describe a success story. Provide a summary of the key benefits of your product (besides the most important). Include any problems you have faced and the solution offered to the client (no names mentioned). Avoid writing too much in the introduction, this is what we recommend Bette Price, administrative adviser.

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