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Astrid Kaiser

Tips for the formation of the baby wellbeing all parents want for their children only the best. Well-read, their offspring in baby courses, register for baby swimming and much more contact. But be careful: the funding in a flooring can end abruptly. So that this doesn’t happen, the educational scientist Astrid Kaiser at the news portal gives helpful tips. For Astrid Kaiser, baby education has nothing to do with language courses for infants. It contains the term much more, because from the first day, the babies are in a daily learning process.

This can and should be supported by the parents in a natural way and promoted, since he is responsible for good health and especially for the personality development of the baby. So four educational objectives in the first year of life at the bottom: the emotional stability trust, security, motivation to learn; social competence awareness and setting up an intense relationship to the main caregiver; the motor skills, independent Upright, sideways and forward moving, as well as the perception. Watch, keys, listening, smelling and tasting belong to the latter. When exactly in any of these areas of progress be made, should be not pressed in calendar or measured at the best friend’s baby, that was so much further”was. Every child has his own development workflow, in which such values should serve only as a rough guide. As a general rule, not to overplay the baby and to support the development in the playful approach. More information: health /… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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Baby Walkers For Children

There are many ways that children learn when running to support. It’s like a small miracle, when the child makes the first steps. It is also a large development thrust for the little ones. The baby is the preliminary stage. Slowly the children begin to pull up to a table and Chair and try to stand on the still quite wobbly legs.

This development is different from child to child. To facilitate the first steps the child, many parents like to fall back on a Walker. The designs are very different. Of the cart for pushing or pulling or but the baby Walker, where the child is stabilized, the selection is great. To motivate children to go, elements, such as music or noise, flashing lights or similar are incorporated in many car-chairs always respond if the child goes. It remains then is heard no more music or the lights go out. Other game elements, to the promotion of motor skills, are integrated with walkers. So the child can, even if it does not run wants to play.

There is the little cart to push or rear Porter made of plastic or wood. A good and proven quality is important so that assumes no risk for the small child from learning of the bogie. The walkers, which are reminiscent of a child’s seat are also well known. Here, a padding for the back serves to better stabilize. The child is wrapped in the baby Walker, the feet touch the ground and the child moves with his physical strength. Roles help. Also here, game elements are often in all conceivable variations, incorporated. Also baby walkers in the form of doll prams are very popular. Here can teddy bears or dolls walk ride. Parents must decide for themselves, whether or not your child needs a Walker. But, attention is required in any case. Because a baby walker can pose dangers in itself, therefore parents should never leave unattended children. One could enter the small items or devices that are dangerous for them, on the other hand insists on smooth Surfaces a risk of slipping. The models that are available in the trade, surpass in form and colour. Motley or in popular colors for children they are than car, doll prams, playground or hand truck. Since the selection is already not easy. The hand of the mother or the father serves as an alternative to the Walker. So also the balance can be trained. Baby Walkers are not without controversy, particularly because parents often this supervision will be neglected. Therefore, such help as Ruhig position factor is to look at, but as motivation for the child. As finally wants to show it also how great it is that this requires the full attention of the parents.

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