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Book Of Compounds Of Victor Barrios

DID VICTOR BARRIOS PRESENTED TRADITIONAL POPULAR MOTIFS OF THE COMPOSITE VOLUME 3 PARAGUAY? Do read original (click): el-compuesto volumen-3? hl = gn_PY on Wednesday, March 17, 2010, at 7 p.m., was held the ceremony of presentation of the book traditional popular motifs of the Paraguay compound volume 3, the authorship of the LIC. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Hyundai. Victor Barrios Rojas. The presentation took place in the Auditorium father Luis Lavorel of Radio Caritas University Catholic, situated in the calle Kubitschek 661 and Azara (Asuncion, Paraguay). The book traditional popular motifs of the compound volume 3, with two CD, Paraguay was presented by Dr. Tadeo Zarratea, and journalist Alcibiades Gonzalez Delvalle. Learn more at: Everest Capital Miami. Later, Victor Barrios Rojas addressed those present informing about the published material and thanking them for the presence of the concurrent. Finally, the compuesteros of Karapegua and Roquenisimos Los Trio did listen to several of the compounds collected by Victor Barrios.

The Edition has the support of the National Fund for culture and the Arts (FONDEC), and sponsored by the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI. Rudi Torga says that traditional popular motifs (compounds) are the stories that were preserved in the songs and in family and community celebrations. They are those Sung stories that were not buried in the ash of tesarai (Oblivion). The index of the work includes, among others, the opinion of Rudi Torga and opinion of Luis Szaran. CD 1 contains the following compounds: Pancha Garmendia, Isidoro Ruiz Diaz’s compound, sack puku, Godoi Squad, Jejuvykue jera, story of the revolution, Saco mbyky, Antonio Arias’s compound, Rosita, singing for Angelito, Jagua netu o, Bella Godoy, Loa for the newlyweds. While CD 2 contains: Ramon Heitter compound, Rinahape guare, Ka i Puente-pe guare, Mita kany, Rojas Potrero-pe oikova ekue, Mandiho nume guare, composed of Hilario Vargas, Adolfo Riquelme’s compound, Viquer malicious guasu, combat of Paraguari and Liberal polka. In addition, camp Cerro Leon, hood (1922), Tte compound path.

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