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Tag: astrology & esotericism

The Great Enemies Of The People

The great enemy of the people of the great enemy of the people is the devil. He tries the people from the path that leads to God, to keep and to distract him with other means of a lifetime with his strength and his allies. That’s why the devil is the greatest enemy of the people. He it is who poisoned the soul of man with his own venom and makes him slaves for themselves. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Beyonce. He is the one who always whispers something to the people and keeps him from reality.

You’re going to live forever, don’t worry, there is no God, anyway, resurrection, Oh can’t hear on the other, pray not, there’s no point, it hears you anyway nobody, etc. These are some whispers of the devil to the people and such whispers he finally captured the soul and darkened it day by day, until he manages the total eclipse. Therefore everyone must be awake and attentive, whatever he wants to do and mochte.denn, if the devil wins the superiority in the soul of man, then is the soul, if not a miracle happens, unfortunately lost and corrupted. Who beats his own hell, which acquired also the true victory here. onder Demir

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