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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a way to make money online that is based on payment by results. This means you earn money through a purchase or a successful outcome. Read more from patrick kelly to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The relationship between both parties is: Company Product Owner – Da product (link) Affiliate – Affiliate promotes it – get commission for selling the company. An example of this is as follows. I’m promoting a product called Hosting now they give me tools to promote it as banners, links, articles and more. Now I promote the service and if someone likes you main site and purchase. But for this to be each member needs an affiliate link that when the buyer comes through that link the company knows that it facilitated the purchase was I as a member of them and then they pay me. The commission you receive depends on how much the company pays …

must be a higher percentage of 50% to be beneficial for you. An affiliate link is this: the final number is the one that says I’m sending a potential customer to the company. They also give me a series of banners to use. You can see that this is a mutual benefit to both parties …. Why?? First the company will save thousands of dollars in web promotion as we take care of it members besides that clients consistently receive for your business .. We the members, as they are saved much money, your service has a higher quality than other products. In addition we forget the payment process between the company and the buyer because they see the issue of credit card payment, etc.

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