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Valencian Community

Madrid, January 11, 2011-Valencia is for Carlin synonymous with direct sales of business growth. Therefore, which is the first brand of stationery in Spain has wanted to open a masterfranquicia for your model of Hiperpapeleria of 100 mt2 destined for stationery and other 30 m2 to the HP print area. With this shop aims to replicate your business proposal to other points in this autonomous community. What has prompted us to invest in Valencia without a doubt is the combination of high productivity, good infrastructure, the remarkable accumulation of capital and mainly by the potential of this enclave. It is one of the main cities of our country and we believe that in it the new business model of our stores is going to implement perfectly, explains Jose Hernandez, responsible for the Masterfranquicia.

The shop, which is located in the Central peace Street no. 11 and is manned by two employees and a Manager, has a small warehouse of 30 m2 and an offer hard to beat by the number of references of articles. 5,000 Articles are exceeded. Carlin products are adaptable to any town but yes it is true that part of our range of products we have implemented a new seeing the needs and demand of the city. And it is that although the crisis has affected the Valencian business network, and therefore, companies have been closed, to Carlin are more the advantages of betting on a zone which prevails a traditional style of stationery and where they are sure highlighted by its way of working avant-garde and its personalized attention. The market of stationery in this geographical area is implanted with a traditional style. Although it is is true that to be one of the most important cities in Spain the multinationals of the sector of papermaking are well placed and have a broad portfolio of clients, not have our business model and personalized attention, and that added value is what you already are doing us stress, adds masterfranquiciado Jose Hernandez. So the challenges that Carlin It has been proposed in this enclave geographic for this year 2012 are three: consolidate the initial draft of this tent, grow with several new franchises and open in the month of April a new warehouse that cater for the entire Valencian Community. In addition to the excellent response and the congratulations of the public we already have this model of tent to people interested in franchising and in it is the basis of the expansion project of Carlin in the Valencian Community, ends Jose Hernandez.

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