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Stops Tram

Stops Tram N 2530 out of Croydon in Elmers End service stops have low platform located 35 cm above the rail. The stops do not have personnel in charge and have automatic ticket dispensers. In general, access between the platforms involves crossing the tracks for a pedestrian crossing. There are 39 tram stops, most are 32.2 meters in length. They are almost the same level as the doors of the tramway and all poseem a width of 2 meters. This allows wheelchairs and people with more expious access to the tram. In the sections of road, the pavement is integrated with the stop. Tramlink uses some ex-stations section of Wimbledon – West Croydon and Elmers End – Coombe Road. The platforms of the railway line were demolished and rebuilt according to the needs of Tramlink, except in Elmers End and Wimbledon where the route level was elevated to fit with the high platforms, and allow the exchange and cross platform.38 stops were opened as part of the phased introduction of tram services in May 2000. Centrale stop in Tamworth Road opened on 10 December 2005, slightly increasing travel times. As time grew, he bought an additional tram to maintain punctuality. All stops have disabled access, high floor, closed circuit television, a point of assistance to passengers, a panel of passenger information, garbage bins, a ticket vending machine, a wall of ads and lighting, and most have seats and a shelter. The panels of passenger information are the destination and expected arrival times for the next 2 trams. They can also display any message you want to show controllers, such as information regarding delays or even direct instructions to the vandals to stop placing or throwing objects at the track.

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