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Real needs After to spend the appropriate time to him to the observation of reasoning and atmosphere of your possible networks, you would be face to face with the true needs of those communities. To know these factors would put to you automatically in advantage of the race. It has as already we know fundamental needs in the human beings like food, water, clothes, ceiling. These are the calls survival needs. There are needs secondary but considered important like houses, cars, tel., etc. and are also needs that are created exclusively in the collective mind of a specific region in or community, such as hobbies, beliefs, tastes, etc.

These people who share the same needs tend to group themselves in communities or physically or virtually. There are numerous communities nowadays that share the same needs interacting virtually, and many of do it to them in real time in the Social Average calls, such as Forums. In order to mark to your product or business efficiently you would have to investigate which are those social means or virtual communities that are needing what you must to offer and Ofrecer Your Solutions there. Strategies of Marketing After to have an idea where are those virtual communities or niches and you understand their minds, you can apply to your tactics and strategies to your plan of action. The strategies of marketing are the method to focus all energies, efforts and resources in the courses of action, in order to increase. I.

Clients? II. Strong Networks? III. Sales? IV. Popularity? V. Dominion of Niche? I SAW. Promotion? VII. Exhibition? Distribution? IX. Price? X. Development of the Product the basic theory of the Strategy of Marketing is to apply them to a certain hearing in order to testear and to compare results. To spend appropriate time a the investigation of the different resources, techniques and methodologies to promote your services and to expose your businesses is important not to waste the time in something inefficient.